July 03, 2014

Eskayvie: Redianze and I-Qids Review

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If you've read my blog post on the Eskayvie Bloggers Event I attended last month HERE, I did mentioned that my reviews on both complimentary box of Eskayvie Redianze and Eskayvie I-Qids will be up once I finished my box. So here I am to give my full thought on both products.

Eskayvie Redianze & I-Qids Sachet Packaging

Please understand that although all things mentioned below are of my opinion and based on my experience on trying them :D

Eskayvie Redianze is a nutritional food supplement that combines both skin beautifying and health rejuvenating ingredients that offers advanced cellular nutrition that supplements the body with collagen builders, free radical quenchers, internal photo-protectors and bio-hydrators.

Beauty Benefits

-  Prevent wrinkles and sagging of skin
- Enhance skin texture and thickness
- Eliminates freckles, blemished and uneven skin tone
- Boost skin natural hydration and radiance
- Enhance whitening effect for fairer skin
- Promotes tissue regeneration to heal injures skin and scars
- Provides internal protection from sunburn
- Minimize appearance of cellulite
- Maintains strong and beautiful nails that doesn't chip easily
- Improves hair quality, thickness and  strengthening its protective sheath

Health Benefits

-  Relieve arthritis and joint pain
- Promotes cardiovascular health
- Improves muscle performance and recovery
- Protects brain from stroke, cerebral hemorrhage and dementia
- Prevents cataract, eye fatigue and eye accommodation loss
- Boosts immune system and prevents cancer
- Curbs appetite and aids in weight control
- Relieves symptom of mental stress such as chronic fatigue,
 headache, stiff shoulders, and depression
- Improves alertness & concentration, balanced mood and energy and incerase
sense of well being

Consumption Direction

Empty one sachet into a glass filled with approximately 200ml of water (cold/room temperature).
Stir well, consume immediately.
Preferably taken 1 hour before or after meal.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Eskayvie I-Qids is a specially formulated health drink to promotes healthy growth, body, brain and immune function.


- Help develops stronger body defense
- Provides potent array of immune factors
- Helps promote growth and development
- Help support nervous system development
- Support memory and alertness
- Help promotes brain power and intelligence
- Support school performance and study
- Helps control hyperactivity
- Helps build stronger bone and teeth
- Promotes bowel health
- Help maintain healthy, functional gastrointestinal tract and gut intregrity
- Promotes better sleeo
- Helps promote muscle relaxation
- Helps promote healthy joint and improve mobility

Consumption Direction

Empty sachet into a glass filled with approximately 150ml of water (cold/room temperature).
Stir well, consume immediately.
Preferably taken before breakfast
Ideal for 1 year old and above
1 sachet (Children 1-12 y.o) / 2 sachets (Above 12 y.o)

Below are my overall opinion on the product based on first impression:

Personal Testimony

I've been taking all 20 sachet of both products since I received them and I got to say, although it's not drastic there are a few changes that I noticed.

For Eskayvie Redianze, the first thing I noticed after finishing probably the first ten sachet is that the fine lines under my eyes actually got less visible. But the most obvious change is that my level of concentration at work does increase tremendously. I don't feel too tired nor lose concentration too much. These days I've been wondering how did the time flies as I do my work! But that's just what I noticed from this trial. For your information, to give optimum result this product need to be taken for about 3 months. The peach taste is very light, and I love that it uses stevia sweetener instead. Overall this product for me worth trying since I can see some visible (although small) changes in just a bit more than a week.

I love the taste! It's not too sweet, and the chocolate taste rich. For your information, I-Qids not just only suitable for children but also adult. I find myself able to get a good night sleep these days. Usually its hard for me to fall asleep but nowadays it does gets better.
For More Info:
Website: www.eskayvie-store.com/store/
Facebook: Eskayvie Malaysia
Email: online@eskayvie.com
Phone Order: 603-5511 1050

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