March 09, 2017

Healthy Habit: GGM & Jus D'ria Supplements

When taking in any supplements, the first thing I would check after the price tag (I'm living the budget life haha) is if it's health board certified; especially from the KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia). With the booming of endless beauty and health supplements, we can see countless business ads on Facebook pages and groups trying to promote their product. Although the varieties always give us choices, I wish more public are aware of how dangerous it is to take uncertified medications or supplements. Not all ingredients are safe. We don't know if the brand actually spent the time to make a proper research on products, or they just buy something that is already available to purchase in bulk, repack them and slap a label on the bottle with a brand name of their own.

Recently, I was introduced to two health and beauty supplements called the GGM and Jus D'ria. I quickly become interested in them as soon as I found out that both of them are KKM certified. The back bone behind these products is Mrs. Rohasniza Rosli or most known as the famous and talented Malaysia fashion designer Yaya Rosli, wanted to create safe and working products in order to solve two of her own personal & family health issues:

1. To help her more 'feminine concern'.
2. To find something that would actually help her asthmatic son.

The products are distributed under Mediherba Solution and have been in the market for the past nine months. One of them was previously known as Gula-Gula Magic but after a few more upgrade & repackaging, it's now known as GGM.

About GGM:
- Made with goat milk which is known with its good health benefit
- Rich with Habatussauda 
- No collagen (especially for those who can't consume collagen but still looking for a beauty supplement.
- Help to enhance skin complexion, making it smoother, brighter and more elastic.
- Help lower high blood pressure & cholesterol
- Help to resolve irregular menstrual cycle issue
- Help to improve digestion system
- Help to reduce risk of cancer 
- Anti stress
- Help to reduce weight

My verdict:
One bottle of GGM contains 30 flavoured 'candies' (apple and chocolate). Recommended to take chocolate in the morning and apple at night before sleep, this chewable supplement can easily pass as a candy due to its sweet and yummy taste. Personally, I find this very easy to take which is perfect for my hectic schedule. 

As for the Jus D'ria, Yaya Rosli personal account on how much her son health improved managed to win me over. As an asthmatic patient myself, I'm always on a lookout for anything that could help me reduce the number of attacks I have every year. According to Yaya Rosli and her husband, even their son love the taste of this Jus D'ria. With key ingredients such as aloe vera, pomegranate, ginger, honey, Echinachea, oregano, garlic, Dong Quai ( a type of Chinese herbs), acai berries, camu-camu, vitamin C, akar manis, Apple stemcell, Argan stemcell and stevia. etc. Comes at the price RM88(EM)/RM98(WM) which is slightly higher than I expected but I think it's a worthy investment considering its health benefits.

- Suitable for age 6 months above
- Contains no sugar or food colouring
- For those who are having issues with asthma, sinusitis, eczema, coughs, cold, rashes, migraines, skin allergy, etc. 

How to Consume:
Adult: 10ml daily (morning & night before bed).
Children: 3-5ml daily (2 times a day)
*It's also mentioned that it's better to consume this with a wooden/plastic spoon and avoid using metal or stainless steel spoon.

I've started to consume these two products and couldn't wait to see how much changes that I'll experience. If you are interested in purchasing either of the products, check out the deets down below:

RM69(East Malaysia)/RM79(West Malaysia)
Also available in Singapore & Brunei
Instagram: @gulagulamagic 

Jus D'ria (300ml)
RM88(East Malaysia)/RM98(West Malaysia)
Also available in Singapore & Brunei
Instagram: @jusderiahq

For more information, contact:
Mediherba Solutions: +6018-6610104
Mrs Yaya Rosli: +6012-6460210
Mr Syahrul :+6012-9484420
Instagram: @mediherbahq

*This is a sponsored post, but the opinion of the products are solely mine.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

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