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MH Solutions Kerengga Chocolate Shake & Tablet 🍫

Kerengga Lentik Chocolate Tablet

Hello, friends!
Losing weight needs a lot of effort, and speaking from my own experience, I know that it's impossible to achieve an maintain with just diet or exercise alone. You need to be the best of both world in order to reach your goal, and we all know how hard, emotionally straining and difficult that would be. The commitment and determination needed always make me feel so down because let's be real, my mood is not always rainbow and sunshine. I started to go to the gym nowadays, but when I am busy and have no time to prepare a well-balanced meal for the next day, I will feel demotivated because I know, exercise alone won't help me reach my goal.

To summarise it, it’s always 60% diet 40% exercise. Although this is not just about getting rid of the fat, and also about building muscle to replace the empty spaces; I also know that going to the gym alone without having proper meal daily is useless too. I have been trying to opt for only healthy meal son days where I couldn’t pack my own lunch, but let's be real the price for each meal is definitely taking a toll on me. Summary: money down, motivation down, weight up. #storyofmylife Of course, I will not stop trying but at this moment, I think what I need is a boost (to show that my effort is working) and when I was given the products from Kerengga to try out recently, it makes me wonder if this is the boost that I need? 

Kerengga Lentik Chocolate Tablet

What is Kerengga?
Products by MH Solutions, this range comes in two varieties; a yummy Milo-flavoured chocolate shake and an easy to consume cocoa powder and milk powder chocolate flavoured tablet. Intended to be an additional supplement, it is said to help you lose weight by increasing body metabolism using natural ingredients. Recommended to be taken together, to increase the effectiveness of the products. 

Kerengga Chocolate Shake

Weight loss

A box of this chocolate shake comes with 15 sachets (20g) of products. It's said to help your body to feel full for twelve hours long thus reducing the cravings. Contains ingredients such as cocoa powder, milk-free creamer, oligo, Guarana extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Citrus Aurantium and Vitamin C. It taste like Milo and its said to work as a fat burner especially for stomach, arm and thigh areas and help to increase body metabolism without any harmful side effect

- Does not cause fast heartbeat like some weight loss products. 
- Does not cause any diarrhoea.
- One sachet equal to calories burned after one hour of gym/running.
- One sachet helps to burn 950 calories
- Additional benefits include 10x increase in energy, 10x skin glow.


How to Consume:
1. Mix one sachet of Kerengga Chocolate Shake with 200ml of cold water (avoid hot water)
2. Shake it until the powder is fully mixed with water.
3. Take the one sachet per day, after breakfast.

For more testimonial, visit their Facebook and Instagram!

Additional instruction: 
For consumers with weight 70kg and above, it is advised to consume 2 sachets per day for a week. This product may cause increase in thirst so you are advised to increase the amount of water consumption according to the chart provided in the product leaflet.

RM128 (East Malaysia)/RM138 (Sabah and Sarawak)

Poopoil Kerengga Chocolate Tablet


Comes in a box with 15 individual sachets of a 1000mg chocolate tablet and advised to be taken with the chocolate shake, to experience the best performance. Ingredients used included isomalt, cocoa powder, milk powder and Lecithin Chitosan sourced from the sea. 

- 'Poopoil' helps to eliminate 40% of oil in the body
- Reducing bad cholesterol
- Help in weight loss
- Prevent toxin from accumulating inside the body

Weightloss Supplement

How to Consume:
Chew 1-2 tablets every day, before your meal.

RM138 (East Malaysia)/RM148 (Sabah and Sarawak)

My Thoughts:

Personally, I haven't got the chance to completely try this product out and see the full effect the claims but I think it is an interesting concept especially if you choose to use it as a booster. I also like the fact that they package the tablets in separate packets so that it'll be easier to bring alone to the office or if you need to travel somewhere. The Chocolate Shake is also easy to make since all you need is cold water, and it really does taste like normal Milo. On my first consumption, I do notice that my body craves for more water than usual, and I do not feel as hungry as I usually am. I do not experience any diarrhoea or any other side effect at the moment either.

For more information on the products, visit Kerengga Facebook page , their Instagram page @kerenggahq or contact Kerengga HQ at +6018-8705966 or +60186610104.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post to feature MH Solutions Kerengga range but all of the personal opinion written above is solely mine.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. How's the progress? Have you tried the whole product out?

  2. Is that choclate shake should be drinked after 30 minutes after breakfast or immediately after breakfast ?


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