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Life Update: New Job 👀

Hello, friends!
I am back to give you a little update on my life- you know, just in case there is someone who still cares to read this abandoned blog (or any story about me) LOL. First of all, yes, I am alive and well, to be honest, I'm actually feeling better these days too! There were so many things going on with my life recently; or more accurately this year (and some are still ongoing) that I just can't find the peace of mind nor the will to sit and blog something. Am I losing my inspiration? I don't know. I have been feeling a little discouraged about blogging but well that's more of a passing thought than a permanent sentiment so I am sure I'll be able to pick myself up sooner or later.

For now, let's just do a recap on what has been happening in my life recently.

Around mid-May, I resigned from my position in Althea. It was probably one of the hardest decision I have to make in my life especially since I worked there for almost four years. But after thinking, considering and talking to the people around me; I decided that I was ready for a new challenge; and since a new opportunity sort of fell right on my lap around the same time (Alhamdulillah!), I figured that I shouldn't be scared and try to take the risk. Of course, I hated the thought of having to leave my wonderful team in Althea. They're so important to me and I know that my life won't be the same if I don't get to see and hear their sometimes-ridiculous-but-cute daily antics. 

We still meeting outside though cause once a team, always a team 💖

My new job has been great! Of course, getting a new opportunity means having bigger workload and longer hours at the office but being "the workaholic I am", quoting almost everyone around me - I don't actually hate it! Everything has been pretty exciting and interesting, exhausting sometimes but well, nothing I can't handle. I have been able to learn so much more these days, especially since I am now working in the travel industry; a totally different niche than beauty. It's really interesting especially since languages, cultures and history have always been favourites of mine! Well, it also means that I want to go to every single place that I have been reading about lately. Hahaha #GoodbyeMoney

The downside? I miss my Althea team very much. After almost four years of being with them almost every day, it does feel a little weird not having them around. When all of us are together, we have this super good synergy and we also complement each other very well. There has never been a boring day with them around. Urgh, I just miss them. Like I said, we still hang out pretty often, but it's just not the same as spending time daily around each other. If I can have my way, I would want to bring them all with me LOL.
"Definitely missing B.A.E.S"

So yeah, my time in Althea has been nothing but wonderful. I've met a lot of people, I've grown,  matured and gone through a lot as well. I am sure the experiences would help me navigate life a little better from now on and as much as I wish things will stay the same forever, I  know that I need to learn to grow outside of my comfort zone. So, after a very long period of hesitation, I am glad that I took that leap of faith. 

Now, I have new goals, and I am running gladly towards it.

Okay, that's all from me. I'll catch up with you all again. In the meantime, if you're looking for a travel package, hit me up! I am your girl 😉

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. congrats for new step of life and wish u good luck too


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