August 30, 2012

accio luck!

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :)
new semester gonna start soon..
i hope it'll be much better than last semester..
i'm quite sure that it'll be a lot more hectic too..
with all the extra curricular activities, and preparation for final project..
and right now i'm still deciding on my elective subject..
which one would be better..
either a hard but no final paper subject..
or a more easier one but with a final paper..
i'm not sure which one i'm going to choose..
but i hope i'll make a right one..

one more thing..
i hope luck will be on my side more..
i want that the next semester result will be much much much better than before..
since there's not much time left before my graduation..
kyahhh!! it's nerve wrecking!

by the way
i planned to bring my dad's old car to shah alam
but unfortunately
i really have a hard time understanding that car
sounds weird but it's true!
maybe because it's quite an old car
so it need a special method to maintain
and a clueless person like me
will going to have a hard time for sure

that's even more the reason why i desperately need luck to be beside me
i hope the next semester will be less difficult and tiring
and the most important thing is
i need to manage my stress well
and not avoid my problem

you guys will wish me luck right?

August 28, 2012


assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps!

it's been ages right?
unbelievable for blogging maniac like me..hahaha
i don't know why but i kinda feel like i'm losing my blogging muse
or to be precise, nothing much happened in my life these days

but wait..ohh maybe some improvement does happened

the most praise worthy(?) is
*clap clap to myself*

ohh gosh, i cannot even say explain how happy i was that day
i thought i need to retake again
thankfully, i passed! 
the blessing of ramadhan maybe?

what else?

the main purpose of this 'terabur' entry is to wish everyone

and to ask forgiveness to all the people
i know/ or not know
i ever hurt your feelings
in my writings or real life

that's all..
till next entry

annyeong! byeong~!

p/s: and ohh #KPOPrelated alert!!

Leeteuk going to enlist soon~ wuarghhhh sobsss

August 03, 2012

yay! alhamdulillah :)

final result is out
and thankfully
i did better than last semester
i hope this will continue

August 01, 2012

걱정 마세요~ Don't Worry

don't worry i won't fall
if i do
the next time
i'll learn to fall properly
and stand up again
by myself

내 가슴이 너무 아파~

cr: ookami2

trapped in time?

i want to run away, but it would make me a child
i want to stay and fight, but sometimes i feel like a coward
i want to say it out loud, but keeping it to myself seems a bit easier

it's like i'm trapped in a glass watch
and the time stops there 
i can't go back nor can i move forward
feeling hollow and empty at times

i need to break the glass
so i can escape
but the more my head think like that
my heart wants me to be locked in there forever
because the world inside the glass watch
seems better

but deep down
i know that
nothing last forever