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accio luck!

cr: dreams-scape
assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :) new semester gonna start soon.. i hope it'll be much better than last semester.. i'm quite sure that it'll be a lot more hectic too.. with all the extra curricular activities, and preparation for final project.. and right now i'…


cr: tetsukuuun
assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps!
it's been ages right? unbelievable for blogging maniac like me..hahaha i don't know why but i kinda feel like i'm losing my blogging muse hahaha or to be precise, nothing much happened in my life these days
but wait..ohh maybe some improvement …

yay! alhamdulillah :)

final result is out and thankfully i did better than last semester i hope this will continue

걱정 마세요~ Don't Worry

cr: aokisama
don't worry i won't fall if i do the next time i'll learn to fall properly and stand up again by myself

내 가슴이 너무 아파~

cr: ookami2

trapped in time?

cr: inthenameoftragedy
i want to run away, but it would make me a child i want to stay and fight, but sometimes i feel like a coward i want to say it out loud, but keeping it to myself seems a bit easier
it's like i'm trapped in a glass watch and the time stops there  i can't go back nor can …

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