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Hello, call me Anis! I've been in love with writing since as long as I can remember and from there I started writing in The Thinker Belle (previously I share with my readers about my opinion, thoughts and preferences on the things that I love. These includes beauty and lifestyle reviews, foods recommendation, sharing on my favourite music,books,film and drama. The blog initially was created as a platform to practice my rotting English skill but it turned out to play an even bigger role in my life. I sometimes share my current standing on certain issues and address my own thoughts about something I experienced. For example that one time I wrote a post about 'What I Learned From My Years of Being a Kpop Fangirl' or the other time when I shared about 'The Things I Realized After Graduate School'.

I named this blog The Thinker Belle as I believe that words can change people thoughts for the better or worse so I have to think even more before I write something, and the Belle part is just to reminds me to try be a bit more graceful in life. Even if it won't bring a huge change to the world I hope somethings I shared in my blog can bring happiness to the people even it is just one person.

'To Get Featured in the Newspaper' from life bucket list is now crossed off ;D

My hobby usually varies from time to time, taking turns as days goes by but they includes WRITING blogs and sometimes short stories or poems, READING books, fanfics or manga and spending my times WATCHING television series, dramas, or animes. I love makeups and beauty stuffs (obviously) and sometimes I did a review on them.

And oh, if you notice the 'INFJ' badge on the side of my blog, well that's my personality type based on the Carl Jung personality test. Yes, I like this kind of thing! It make me understand myself more.
So if you'd like to try some of my favourite tests, you can click HERE

How My Blog Works

As I mentioned above I started my blog about almost six years ago and mainly because I love writing and I thought it's best to keep trying to improve my English (although sometimes I tend to mix them with Malay). The content of this blog varies from everyday fan girl opinion, my rants on various topics, reviews of my favourite things; and sometimes even emotional post that I might be too embarrassed to read after awhile. There were times where I've been totally MIA (missing in action) for awhile due to everyday life commitments but well I always come back to blog when things have totally cooled down. I don't blog exclusively for profit purpose but what ever benefit comes with it is always welcomed!

Product Reviews

Thanks to the evolving blogger communities especially The Butterfly Project Blogger, I've gotten a lot of opportunity to attend various events, products launching and received offers for product and food reviews.

For any inquiry regarding reviews etc.
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