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Cultiveat x Pledgecare: Healthier Meals For You and Your Fluffy Babies 😻🌿

Calling pet owners! The topic I am going to talk about today is closely related to our furry babies at home so make sure to pay attention. 😉 For those who own any cats or even dogs (or any other indoor pets), you guys would definitely share the same sentiment as I do; our pets are a part of the family and we want them to have a long, happy life, and to be with us as long as they can. Our greatest fear, the one thing that we dread so much, will be the time when we have to finally say goodbye to them. 

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Hello, friends!
Are you the type of person who wears shapewear often? To be honest, I've never really tried them but I did come across some articles highlighting the advantage of wearing one, so it got me curious. One of the main benefits that are always mentioned is how shapewear aids with improving posture as well as reducing back pain. Some even say that shapewear does help with blood circulation. And of course, it's classic use to help enhance overall look by providing your body a slimming effect.

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Hello guys, 
How do you usually shop? These days, with the number of COVID-19 cases rising up in Malaysia, a lot of us have started to routinely shop for essential home products, groceries, and many more online rather than going out to the malls instead. Amongst the top e-commerce players in Malaysia, PGMall ranked in the top 3 leading e-commerce platforms by iPrice (and the only local e-commerce platform among the three), making it Malaysia's No1 E-Commerce Platform up to date. With easy to navigate features, PGMall also accepts all e-wallets and payment gateways for your shopping convenience. 

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