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Mini COSRX 50ml Toners Are Now Available in Watsons Malaysia! 💦

credit: @glampick

Annyeong, friends!
Do you have the same problem as I do? I'm rarely able to finish any of the full-sized toners that I have on my vanity as quickly as other people around me. Sometimes, one 150ml bottle will take months to run out. I wonder if it's because the scrooge in me is always trying to save and make the product lasts as long as it can, or my skincare obsession has spiralled uncontrollably, making me unable to focus on just one toner at a time. Either way, you should get the gist of it; full-sized toners can be a tad too much. Especially if it's a new product that I want to try but not yet sure if it's going to suit my skin or if I want to commit to it in the long run.

Kyochon 1991: Eating Fried Chicken, The OG Korean Style 🍗

credit: @mykyochon

Hey guys!
I'm in love with Kyochon ever since they opened their first branch in Malaysia so today, since I'm having a major Kyochon craving in the middle of the night, I got inspired to do a short write up about possibly my fav Korean fried chicken brand so far! I really love their menu. I've been to their outlets many times and I'll keep on going. I can vividly remember the first time they launched their first outlet in 1Utama followed by the one in Menara Hap Seng and then the third one in Pavilion KL and so on. 

How To Handle Anxiety During The Pandemic?


Dear friends,
Since my last sharing on How To Feel Better About Yourself? last year seems to be quite popular, I've been trying to find another relatable topic that I can talk about with everyone. While I am not a professional, I am quite glad that some of you find a little solace while reading what I wrote last time. I guess we aren't very different after all. Almost everyone is experiencing the same feeling of uncertainties during the pandemic, and if we don't try to find a healthy outlet and a good way to manage it, the anxiety could actually be too overwhelming to overcome. 

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