September 21, 2018

NYX Cosmetics Super Fans Pool Party 2018 🍉

Hello, friends!
Two Saturdays ago, I attended the NYX Cosmetics Super Fans Pool Party on the behalf of Butterfly Project at L'Motichan, Bangsar and gurl, I had a blast! Was there with my usual squad; Eros, Bo, Syahira and Annika although we were missing Tammy and Syd because they were travelling at that time. Crossed path with several familiar faces from the Butterfly family as well such as Reiko, Nicole, Sharon, and Asyraf.

September 20, 2018

A One Of A Kind Flower Shop: A Better Florist 💐

Hello, friends!
There’s a whole world of florists in Malaysia. Wherever you are, you can find one around every corner but sometimes you just need one florist. One florist that you can always go to, that you know will have something new and fresh, something creative, something beautiful to offer and that florist is A Better Florist. They have multiple flower shop open, including a florist in Penang, a flower shop in Ipoh and a florist in KL, including a lot of other places.

September 03, 2018

Get Your Protection On with Otterbox! 📱

Hello, friends!
How important your phone is to you? Well, you can call me an addict or whatnot (not true though) but I seriously cannot live without my mobile phone. If it was just considered as a 'want' in the past, now my phone has levelled up into the list of 'The Things I Cannot Live Without'. Why? Easy, it's basically my personal assistant, one that I have to pay a lot for in the first place, cause oh boy, everyone knows how expensive a phone can be nowadays! Realising the importance of my phone to me especially when I have everything related to my work + blogging + personal life stored there, I know that I have to rely on some sort of 'insurance' program to make sure I won't break it (at least as long as I can possibly can). And here comes my saviour Otterbox, so read on to learn about how I came across this brand + a real testimonial!

August 30, 2018

Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask Review 🌸

Mamonde Mask

Annyeong, friends! 
Lately, I am on a roll with Mamonde. Been using more of their products that's been hiding in my stash + some of the new ones sent to me by their PR team. One of the more recent ones that I have is the new Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask range and being a mask sheet addict, it caught my eyes immediately. I published a review on the Mamonde Flower Essential Mask range before so I wanted to see if there is any difference between the two.

August 29, 2018

Aveeno: My New Dry Skin Companion 💧

Hello, friends!
When I was younger, I always wondered why people put on lotion in the first place. I use to hate them, because of how sticky they can be in Malaysia hot and humid weather. But lately, I can't seem to live without a good lotion. My hands have been getting drier than usual that I seem to run out of hand creams just like how I usually run out on pocket tissues; which is in a flash! This could be caused by my morning to evening desk job that has me exposed to the cold air in the air-conditioned room all day, or just due to my age factor, but my dry hands have become one of my biggest skin concern lately.