October 14, 2018

Life is #100Mmmmm 🐄 Fun with Fernleaf UHT Milk! 🥛

Hello, friends!
Are you a milk person? I totally am! I am so obsessed with milk, I pair it up with the most random things. Really, I can drink a whole carton of 1-litre milk in a blink if I want too. LOL. Today, I am going to share about the Fernleaf UHT Milk, their story and what makes it 100% trustable to be your daily source of milk goodness. But, before that, here comes story time! What is my blog without one right? This is gonna be a bit long but believe me it'll be worth it. At the end of the post, I'll help make you at least much more knowledgeable on milk and Fernleaf compared to before! I'll also talk about my fun picnic yesterday featuring Fernleaf UHT Milk along with my good friend Eros from fishmeatdie a.k.a my official foodie/photoshoot/kpop partner in crime. We even colour coordinated our outfits to match Fernleaf's fun yellow vibe!

October 13, 2018

Back to the Roots with SHO Aging Red Ginseng Ampoule & Ampoule Mask ✨

Annyeong, friends!
They say; the secret to staying young is by embracing your age and the experiences that come with it. You are youthful, as long as you think that you are. But of course, being able to maintain a young skin to complement that youthful thinking doesn't sound like a bad deal at all right? I wish I can maintain this good mentality all the time but to be honest, saying all that positive stuff about how our age doesn't matter is easier said than done. I guess not many can escape that scary period where you basically just denying how fast time flew and wish you can turn back time to where your skin is just perfect. You know what I mean; the time when its sag-free, wrinkle-free, lines-free!

October 12, 2018

Celebrating Allabox 1st Anniversary 🎂

Hello, friends!
About two weeks ago, I was invited by Allabox, a local beauty company to their first-anniversary celebration to listen to the back story of the brand, how it came to be and to commemorate the occasion with the founder and some of Allabox team. If you don't know about Allabox, it's basically a platform where you can purchase not just beauty products but also selected fashion items from both local and international brands but with one unique personal twist. The products featured on Allabox are tried and tested buy Allabox team including their founding members, before they decide to bring it to their customers or not.

October 08, 2018

Some By Mi: AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Range 🍃 First Impression Review

Annyeong, friends! 
How familiar are you with skincare terms like AHA, BHA and PHA? If you are a beauty junkie like me, you should notice that these terms have been used more often in many newly released products these days. My earliest recollection on how AHA and BHA fad started was when Paula's Choice products with the same ingredients started to get really known among skincare lovers for its effectiveness on Reddit. Soon after, the K-beauty brand COSRX started to boom internationally as they started to be known as the more affordable dupe of  Paula's Choice products. I know this from early on because my brother is actually a really long time COSRX fan, around the time when their international fanbase was a small group of people in Reddit, and the packaging was still totally basic haha. That time, only God knows how hard it was to purchase K-beauty products in Malaysia too. Now, after a good four (or five) years, there are so many AHA BHA based products out there available for consumers at different price tags. With the PHA joining the trend this year, I'm sure they are making some of us scratching their heads trying to find out the use of them. But no worries, here I am to make your life easier! 

October 07, 2018

Formula 10.0.6: Clear Skin Starts Here 😍

Hello, friends!
In today's blog post, I am going to introduce you to another new brand called Formula 10.0.6. Some of you might have never heard of this brand before as it is fairly new in Malaysia but Formula 10.0.6 has actually been around since 1933 in the US! Pronounced as Formula 'Ten-O-Six', this brand main focus is on addressing skin care concerns, especially for trouble-prone young skin. Their US website showcases a wide product range including both skincare and body care but so far, Formula 10.0.6 Malaysia has brought 12 products in and just released another four new masks this month.