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TopzMall x TinyTAN: Limited Edition Message Chocolates Version 2 Now In Malaysia 💜

TinyTAN Message Chocolate Ver.2 Malaysia

Annyeong, friends! 
The best gift to give a friend or loved one whose love language is words of affirmation? Definitely a heartfelt message to show how much you're thinking about them! And if that particular person is an ARMY, a huge fan of the popular South Korean boy group BTS, TopzMall now has the perfect gift in-store just for you!

The limited edition TinyTAN Message Chocholate is now back with its 2nd edition releases exclusively available on TopzMall! Available in 4 varieties representing different messages, each box features the loveable TinyTAN characters with distinct personalities inspired by seven members of BTS on seven different chocolates carrying a varying message of encouragement.

TinyTAN Message Chocolates Version 2 

TinyTAN Message Chocolate Version 2 - Dynamite Edition
Perfect for sending messages of hope and comfort to your loved ones

TinyTAN Message Chocolate Version 2 - Purple Holiday Edition
Contain a compilation of healing messages for your loved ones

TinyTAN Message Chocolate Version 2 - Wappen Edition
Just what you need to send messages of empathy to your loved ones

TinyTAN Message Chocolate Version 2 - Sweet Time Edition
Show your support and send messages of courage to your loved ones

Each TinyTAN Message Chocolate Version 2 box (RM130/box) contains:
7 pcs of chocolate printed with cute TinyTAN characters and random messages
1 pcs of chocolate with the iconic TinyTAN logo
7 character stickers perfect for collectibles

Can't choose which version you like the best? Grab ALL 4 boxes today with Topzmall x TinyTAN special deal for only RM499 (N.P RM520) + (1) limited edition TinyTAN Cooler Bag for FREE. 

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Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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