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TATAGALTIER Cherrywood Cleansing Balm Review 🍒

Hello, friends!

Today I will be reviewing the Cherrywood Cleansing Balm from the local brand TATAGALTIER. I am writing this review after finishing the whole tub so it's completely tried and tested by me! 

TATAGALTIER Cherrywood Cleansing Balm Review

This soft and buttery cleansing balm came in a 50g tub featuring four key ingredients in its formulation including:

    - Papaya Enzyme to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells
    - Calendula Flower Oil to help soothe and calm the skin
    - Honey Extract with high anti-oxidant properties
    - Sweet Cherry Seed Oil to moisturise the skin 

Generally used as a part of a double cleansing routine which involves using a cleansing balm/oil to melt down waterproof and oil-based makeup and followed by foam cleansing product to help get rid of any residual impurities left behind, I would say this TATAGALTIER Cherrywood Cleansing Balm works amazingly well as what it intends to do.

While the consistency of the balm itself is on the slightly thicker side and might be tricky to cleanse off with just water, I had no qualms nor discomfort throughout the usage of this product as it really helped me to be more consistent with practising double cleansing (as the second round cleansing with a foam cleanser will thoroughly remove the residual oil film left. 

How to use TATAGALTIER Cherrywood Cleansing Balm?

- With clean and dry hands, scoop out a generous amount of balm and gently massage on the intended area for about 30 seconds or until your waterproof makeup starts to melt away.

Overall, I would say this product is a great purchase and is almost on par with other popular cleansing balms in the market. It also took me a while to finish the whole tub so a little goes a long way too!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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