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Yoodo Digital Mobile Service: Convenient Customization For Urban Lifestyle 🏃

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Hello friends!
Have you ever struggled with choosing the perfect mobile plan to fit your lifestyle? These days, everyone uses different amounts of Voice, Data, and SMS per month, but most mobile carriers offer limited plan choices to the public. So you'll end up under-utilizing some parts of it while needing a bigger quota for some others. Recognizing this gap in the market, Yoodo launched Malaysia's first truly customizable and 100% digital mobile service. 

Powered by Celcom, Malaysia's widest 4G LTE network, Yoodo users have the freedom to customize their plan down to a T, with over 2 million combinations available. You'll be able to customize the plan needed per month with various add-ons packages offered.

The Best Part?

You can adjust your mobile data plan at any time and there is no contract needed during sign-up. You can also easily migrate your existing mobile number under Yoodo too. You can also opt for 100% digital e-sim, compatible with selected iOS and Android phones


Customize your own unlimited plan – choose data speed, hotspot quota, voice minute, and SMS based on preference
Renew your mobile plan at any time without worrying about your monthly cycle
12 hours of 100GB for only RM10 

What is Yoodo Add-on?

Special data packets that give you high-speed data that does not deduct from your base mobile plan. If you are the type of person who loves to use one specific app for a long time, it's highly recommended to opt for this. Personally, I am a heavy daily user of streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, Iflix, and iQiyi so this is definitely a great option for me. Plus, you can also earn rewards when purchasing add-ons where you'll get 1 free add ons with every 10 purchase of add-ons. 

Where To Get Yoodo?

  • Celcom Bluecube with 50 outlets nationwide
  • EasyParcel PgeonPoint with 3000 pick up points in Peninsular Malaysia
  • BHP and Petronas Mesra outlets in Peninsular Malaysia
  • Or sign up on their website

Yoodo is also active in supporting various communities in Malaysia including K-Pop, E-Sports, Music Entertainment, and Active Sports. If you're a big K-pop fan, make sure to follow their updates closely on social media because you might be able to join special screenings or win special contests as well as concert tickets giveaways!

Special Promos

20/20 Monster Return is back by popular demand. Get 20GB of data for only RM20!
Refer 2 Earn. Invite your friend to join Yoodo using a unique referral code and earn RM20 free Yodoo credits, while your friend will get FREE 7GB of data.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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