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Anis' Wishlist

Decided to compile my wishlist, so I know what I can buy if I have some money to spare. And to remind me to work hard because my wants will never end LOL. To friends, *cough* You can refer to this if you feel like getting something for me too *cough* 


✔ iPhone 11 in Purple or iPhone 12 Pro in Silver (here)
Honestly, I am torn because I love the colour purple of the 11 but it's kinda stupid to get a past version especially since phones go out of date (in term of performance) so quickly. For iPhone 12, tbh, the colour range is disappointing. Should I wait for 13 instead? Haha.

Update: I manifested iPhone 13 and ended up getting the 13 Pro in white~ heehehe

✔ Pandora Harry Potter Time Turner Spinning Pendant (here)
This is probably the cutest Pandora x Harry Potter version ever. I was checking out the store when they released the first collab last year but I think this time, this design exceeds my expectation. So cute. 

✔ Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia (here)
The No.1 perfume in my fragrance book. I've repurchased it twice and will definitely buy it again. 

Annick Goutal Petite Cherie EDP (here)
Smelled this for the first time in Kens Apothecary and immediately made up my mind to get it one day. Smell so good! And the bottle is super cutess.

YSL Mon Paris Eu De Parfum (here)
I first tried this because I received a deluxe sample in a YSL event I attended with BAES. Smells so nice and fruity. I actually like another one of the Mon Paris variety too but can't exactly remember the name right now haha.

✔ Maison Martin Margiela Lazy Sunday Morning (here)
Honestly, what first attracted me to it is the aesthetic packaging design and the bottle. But when I went to smell in person, I immediately know why it is so popular online! Gotta get thisss.

✔ Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag in Baby Blue (here)
If there's only one Coach Tabby shoulder bag I can own in this lifetime. It'll be this baby blue one!

Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag in Chalk (here)
I blame Eros for this. He keeps on showing me the bag (and the people who have it) and now I want this colour too! 

Coach Melody Shoulder Bag in Deep Red (here)
Probably the first-ever Coach's bag that caught my eyes. Really love the red and the lambskin. Looks so lux.

Sweet Peachier Pro Ice IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset (here)
Been wanting to get the Sweet Peachier device for the longest time and this version is even the new and upgraded version, but I kept delaying it due to the price point. But honestly, I need to purchase this STAT (so convenient).


Princeton 4850 Aqua Elite Synthetic Kolinsky Sable Travel Brush (here)
I need a nice painting brush. Now I am just using random brushes that I somehow have in my stash that I've collected over the years.

Holbein Artist Watercolor Palm Box Plus Watercolors in Half Pans (48) (here)
Nothing can get more boujee when it comes to my artsy stuff wishlist than this one. I've been enjoying watercolour painting and surprisingly, I ended up really enjoying them so hopefully, I can get better and more motivated when using such good material like this one.

✔ Canvas Stationery and Brush Roll (here)
Just as it is. I need it to keep my growing number of watercolour brushes.

Ceramic Watercolour Palette With Lids (here)
They say this palette will not dry the paints as quickly and they also won't stain as much, so I'm sold. I really hate cleaning palettes lol.

Update (2024) - Need this more than ever now, my plastic palette is so stained now.

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Physical Copy (here)
Been wanting to play the game but never got the time to actually purchase it. My poor Switch has been sitting on the shelf untouched for a while now because I got too busy LOL

Update (2024) - Still don't have this and I don't think I want it anymore as the hype is gone. I'll stick with my Stardew Valley and I have the new Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos too. Gonna get Zelda Tears of the Kingdom instead (kept delaying getting this because my game wishlist kept on growing and I put Zelda on hold lmao)


✔ Super Junior 15th Anniversary Photo Book (here)
Been wanted to get the photo book since their release but kept on delaying it because, well, priorities. I do want them considering this is once in a lifetime 15th anniversary.

Funko Sailor Moon Pop! Animation Neo Queen Serenity, Small Lady & King Endymion (here)
Tbh, this set has sold out. But I am wishing for a rare miracle that Hot Topics decides to make it again, or someone miraculously sells theirs.

Funko Sailor Saturn (here)
Putting Usagi aside, Sailor Saturn is definitely my favourite throughout the series. I just vibe with her so it's like weird not having Hotaru in my collection :P

Sailor Moon Chopsticks Set 1 (here
My love for Usagi and her crew is never-ending. Anything Sailor Moon is always welcome.

Sailor Moon Relaunch Figurine (here)
I am seriously considering doing a pre-order as a birthday gift to myself, but sigh, I can't make up my mind. 


✔ Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in Sage (here)
As much as I love the smell and feel of a new book, I also would love something light so I can travel and read wherever I am. Plus, I have an endless number of e-book safely downloaded on my laptop which I haven't read yet because iPhone's reading feature is not as nice as android (I can't go to next page by just clicking the volume up and down)

Update: instead of a Kindle, I went for the green iPad Air instead as it can serve more than one purpose. Plus, reading with it feels comfortable too!

Bridgerton Series by Julia Quin - specific cover (here)
I've been a huge fan of the Bridgerton series since I was in high school and now they're releasing the Netflix version, I want to get a full collection! I only have the hardcopy of the first book, The Duke and I so I want the remaining 8 books + the special The Bridgerton Happily Ever After book, preferably in the specific cover to match the first one LOL

The Copy Book (here)
This is more work-related but I've been eyeing this book for a while but somehow, haven't gotten my hands on it. I have to get this one day lol.

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