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Sticky Post: Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest [How To Join]

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
(this is a sticky post, scroll down for latest entry)

yesterday i did post an introduction entry about this contest
so now is the time for contest guidelines

Contest Information

1) There are four categories and each participant can only send one fanfic for each category.
(that means you can participate in every category but only one fanfic for each)
category A: One-Shot [Malay]
category B: Drama [Malay] (max 20 chapters)
category C: One-Shot [English]
category D: Drama [English] (max 20 chapters)
2) There will be one winner for each category
3) For each category, participant can send a teaser (poster/picture/videos) for extra marks and there will be one special prize for best teaser. 
4) The contest will start running starting today, 13th February 2012 till 25th April 2012. 
5) Fanfic genre must be maintained PG13 only
6) Once you're done with the fanfic, email the attachment of fanfic to "" with subject "fanfic contest" for easier judging process
(attachment must be either in .doc , .txt , .odt or .pdf format)
  Contest Regulations

1) Participant must be a blogger [blogspot/wordpress/tumblr] and reside in malaysia
2) Competing fanfic MUST be of participant's own work
 (if i caught you cheating , will automatically disqualified)
3) Follow this blog and like this blog (if you use blogspot) OR  follow twitter and like my blogger (if you use wordpress) OR follow my tumblr and like my blogger (if you use tumblr)
4) Write an entry entitled "Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest" to join 
5) Put contest banner and link back to this entry
6) Tag 3 friends or more and make sure they know about it
7) Once you're done with the entry send the link of entry to here
(do not comment with link in this entry, you can only ask questions related to the contest in this entry)
Entry Guidelines
Apart from the regulations above, the informations that is needed in the entry are:
1) Fanfic Category 
2) Fanfic Tittle 
3) Fanfic Teaser (poster/pictures/videos) 
( display teaser picture or embed the video [use youtube only to upload video])
(if you decide to send a teaser for extra mark you will automatically competing in "Best Teaser" category)
4) Fanfic Information [Genre| Character|Link to Fanfic] 
5) Fanfic Status [ Done | Not Done]
(change status to done when you're already email the attachment)

Prizes and Judging
1) The prizes for each category will be updated at a later time. So wait!
2) Interested to be a sponsor? Just comment!
3) I will choose best 5 for one-shot categories and you guys will vote for the best fanfic
4) For drama fanfic, I will choose the winner myself
5) Don't forget, those who submitted a teaser will be given extra marks based on creativity and how relevant the teaser with the fanfic
6) For "Best Teaser" category, I will choose best 5 and you guys will get to vote your favourite

So, join this contest and spread the word! At the end of this contest, I will publish all participants fanfic submissions and you guys can read it too!!

P/S: If you're joining more than one category, repeat the steps under "Entry Guidelines"
P/P/S: You can use your already completed fanfic. As long as it's yours, it's eligible to enter this contest :D
P/P/P/S: This is the example on how you should make the entry.

footnote: there is a little change on the rules, you still need to email the attachment for me to judge, but please  put the link to your fanfic also under the fanfic information. sorry for too many changes, i do this to make it more organized. view the entry example to make it easier to understand :D


  1. sorry for asking this. but if I email the doc to you, that's mean I can't protect mine anymore. why not we just make it by sending the fanfic entry? just to be sure the copyright is still with us as an author. or any other way but avoid the text document. lemme know the response for this comment yaa :)

  2. @darla carolina actually, it's too make sure it's not copied from others, i won't distribute it to other parties. it's easier for me to read and judge later especially if it's drama fanfic.

  3. oh thats means kalau dah siap buat hantar dekat awak gune email? so kalau macam tu gune Microsoft Office Word jek lah :)

  4. @Eyra Arezmie yup2, kalau dah siap fanfic just email and inform kat shoutbox :D

  5. ouh ok :D tapi yang akak suruh letak fanfic category, fanfic title tu dekat entry or dekat mane #kuno. sorry banyak tanye TT__TT

  6. unnie ._. kan unnie cakap dah siap hantar kat email . lepas tu unnie akan pilih best 5 untuk oneshot dan bagi orang undi kan? ._. macam mana orang nak undi? Dorang baca? kalau dorang baca, dari mana dorang baca?

  7. @Nana HyunJoe'snanti unnie akan publish kat google documents,and link kan, unnie soh hantar attachment tu supaya senang nak judge, esp kalau drama fanfic susah kalau diorang nak post dalam entry.

  8. unnie,yang dekat Entry Guidelines tu...kena buat dekat blog ke?

  9. @Fatinunnie dah update macam mana nak buat entry. check balik :D

  10. google documents ada disable highlight ke? ._." . nana just fikirkan benda yg sama macam unnie darla fikir. macam mana kalau org copy (walaupun takde org nak copy ha ha ha -_-") . nana tak faham tu je lah XD sbb tak dapat bayangkan google doc macam mana ._."

    oh . kalau unnie risau pasal susah dorang nak post dalam entry, rasanya kalau orang yg buat fanfic, selalunya dorang ada blog ff sendiri. semua dah terkandung dalam blog ff tu ._."

    err nana tanye je TT_TT sorry banyak tanye =.="

  11. @Nana HyunJoe'sokies, unnie tukar sikit rules dia bagi senang, tapi kena email attachment gak sbb sng unnie nak judge.

  12. Akak, saya nak tanya. Ada satu fanfic saya tu consist of 5 chapters. Kalau macam tu, nak tulis One-shot ke atau Drama?

    Second, saya tak berapa faham untuk entry punya part. Is it suruh apply dulu then baru bagi link to my story??

  13. @Putri Nurin AthirahOneShot tu story yang takde chapter, sekali baca je habis. Kalau drama means ada chapter. Kalau awak punya tu dah siap, terus letak link pada entry tu lah, unnie bagi letak kemudian tu untuk sesapa yang nak tulis fanfic baru and belum siap lagi. :D

  14. Unnie, citer saya dah siap tapi is there any plagiarism possible to occur? Sebab saya ambil masa seminggu untuk siapkan citer ni.

    Jadi saya tak nak lah hasil kerja saya dicuri dan dia pula menang. I do really want to win this contest.

  15. @Putri Nurin Athirahawak just letak dulu entry and email first, bila time contest dah nak habis baru letak link, so takde la orang nak tiru idea awak, just buat entry and email dulu, yang part link tu K.I.V dulu

  16. Ouhh okay then. BTW, thanks ya sebab comment. Menyusahkan unnie je ^^'

  17. ohhhh . kiranya, kalau nana dah siap FF tu, Nana publish dalam blog FF nana. dan dalam masa yang sama, nana hantar FF tu kat email unnie untuk memudahkan unnie . macam tu? ._." okehhh eh sorry banyak tanya OMG TT_TT sorry

  18. unnie , saya tak tahu email attachment tu apa .

    Dan ,kalau saya publish oneshot punya , kan tak perlu letak character , genre , ke apa tu semua kan . Tapi , kalau join contest ni memang kena letak ke ?

  19. unnie,sorry...nak tanya...kan kita kena link kan fanfic ...maknanya fanfic yang kita tulis tu kan?pastu kena hantar salinan cerita tu dekat email unnie ke?

  20. @Fatin aah yela tu, sbb sng yang lain nak tgk, yang email tu pulak nak bagi senang unnie judge :DD

  21. ohh..okay..thanks unnie sbb sudi balas mesej saya.Gomawo

  22. unnie..dkt blog fanfic tu..kita kena tulis synopsis ngan character jugak ke?

  23. @Fatinikut suka lah, tapi takyah sbenarnya, just kat entry submission tu je

  24. Too bad I suck at writing fanfics :'(

  25. Good! All would be well written :)

  26. unnnnnnnnnnie ._. contest tu tarikh tutupnya bila? ._. #ketinggalanLamaDah . Unnie nak cancel contest tu ke? ._. Nana takboleh tanya kat chatbox sebab ada masalah ._."

  27. unnie..haritu kan saya dah buat submission tu.boleh tak nak tukar..saya nak buat tajuk cerita lain and characters lain..taknak buat drama bersiri..nak buat one-shot...boleh tak tukar?

  28. maksud unnie dgn "just submit baru je" tu mcm mana?submit cerita terus ke buat mcm mula2? buat submission dulu?


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