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My 'Ho Ho Ho with Mamasan and Lush' Prize

This post is looooo~~*takes deep breath*~~~~oooong overdue.  I know I know, I'm the queen of all procrastinator. But hey, in my defense I'm too busy since internship started. *coughcough*
So, not long ago Tammy of Plus Size Kitten a.k.a Mamasan of Butterfly Malaysia community did a Lush g…

Super Junior 7th Album Comeback: Individual Teaser Pictures Version 2, 3 an 4

Spazzing Alert!
Back to Super Junior 7th Album Comeback, the Mamasita Album ;D I know the 2nd, 3rd and 4th teaser pictures has been out for awhile and the teaser music video is already out too (i will do a full rant on the mv teaser, wait for it!), but I still want to share with you guys in case …

Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse:Week 1

Hey guys, This is the 3rd product from my Beauty n Me review series (you can check out the previous products from the links on the left!). This time I'm going to review the 'Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse' for one month, and with weekly updates.
But first let me introduce the product t…

Super Junior 7th Album Comeback: Individual Teaser Pictures

Hey guise ;D

As per title, you can see what this is all about right?? Oh yes, my kings are coming back! Finally, after hiatus and waiting for leader-nim, Leeteuk to come back from army, it's time for us Super Junior's Everlasting Friends (ELF) to shout in joy.  I'm sorry but seems like…

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