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Acting Like A Dummy

These few days.. I've been acting like a dummy!
More like an idiot.. Not doing my assignments..
Not studying..Feel sorry for mom n dad..

Haha..major depression.. All because of my beloved UiTM
Problems come and go everyday..

Dammit~ i shouldn't let myself weeping like this..
Fighting Anis!!…


i am half-crazy tweeting and watching fancam for ss3 in seoulmy hubby kyu and my baby hyuk! super cute!  i feel like dying!! super junior is daebakk!
okayy..i xnak tulis bnyak2..nnty excited sgt.. haha

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining~Mine..A Bright One!!

i am really thankful
yesterday, and half of today
it has been the worst day i've have in uitm

last night
the assignment that i've been doing for 2 hours..
gone without trace
before midnight, i got a weird feeling in my stomach
and finally i throw up everything that i've ate before
just …

♥ friends that last forever~

In life, sometimes there are happiness
In life, there will be some sadness

What I am thankful is
I have these people to be with me
Even if I'm tired, sad or during my most joyful time^^

My another half ~ Liyana Zainal Thank you for being there for me and keep believing in me! You are more than …

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