Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

♥ friends that last forever~

In life, sometimes there are happiness
In life, there will be some sadness

What I am thankful is
I have these people to be with me
Even if I'm tired, sad or during my most joyful time^^

My another half ~ Liyana Zainal
Thank you for being there for me
and keep believing in me!
You are more than a friend to me!

Farahlina Ahmad~ We were apart for about two years
Then, we met again in UiTM
You bring me nothing but laughter
My days here are happy enough with you being with me^^

Munirah Nabihah
I'm especially been missing you so much these days
We are so busy
and there are times i feel like i'm the one who's neglecting our friendship
*haha..span again..bwahaha
miss you :((((( 

those people are my partner in crime..lolols
AJ,Sue,Sherry and Nid
miss them so damn much
miss my matriculation days
guys~bogoshipta *means i miss u :( 

Nurul Aminah Rashid
We just met..not even near to 3 months
but it feels like we've known each other for years
hope this friendship would last forever!

Ayun~ Been really thankful to her, Aten, Fana and Sya
They have been a helping hand during my days in KMNS
Not seeing them nowadays made me feel a hole in my heart
Guys..thanks for taking care of me when i'm sick
laugh with me when i'm happy
and cry together with me when i'm sad

Nina Aznan

My beloved roomates in KMNS
and Oten *not in the picture

I miss you guys
and Nina..we're just a few metres apart!
we HAVE to meet~so busy... 

and everyone else  that i forgot to mention
because of you guys
i am happy to be me
thank you and love u all

and Happy Fasting! 


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