February 20, 2012

Miss A- Touch MV

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

enjoy!! i love both the song and the dance!!
they're just awesome
the lyrics is good too!!
the mv setting is just romantic+dark+sweet+lovely~~~ and a little gothic? lol
but overall i love it
i keep playing the song over and over again!!

p/s: this is weird, i keep posting kpop girls group mv ..lol
(but suju opkos no one maaa..)

Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest Prize [Teaser]

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

hahaha, bajet betul kan, siap nak buat teaser lagi
actually hadiah sudah dibeli
but sambutan contest kurang menggalakkan lah TT

so kena tambah rules baru
paling kurang participation 20 orang
paling sikit 5 submission for each category
kalau tak cukup akan batalkan
(tapi akan try untuk tidak batalkan)

but bagi sapa yang dah submit and still tak ramai orang join contest ni
jangan sedih, i akan bagi saguhati guna random.org untuk 3lucky people

but, tak best lah kalau macam tuh!
so cepat2 lah submit ehh
i tau, lambat lagi tarikh tutup
mesti korang tengah buat lagi kan fanfic tu

so hwaiting!! nanti i update hadiah betul2 soon :DD

February 18, 2012

a perfect imperfection by yasmin ahmad

i found this today
this is a video made by the late yasmin ahmad
let us spend a minute to pray for her
she could touch people heart in a short three minute videos

Eqbalzack Monthly Writing Contest [Tittle: Janjiku]

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :D

memandangkan cuti sem ini dihabiskan dengan memeram cell-cell otak semata-mata. so i decided to join a writing contest by eqbalzack. actually boleh tulis dalam english or bahasa melayu, but since i already know my english grammar level has dropped since my last MUET test, i pun try give it a shot in bahasa melayu. 

ehh, jangan salah paham ye.. my most fav subject in school mostly related to languages and history and stuffs that has nothing to do with numbers, graphs and formulas.

i hope my "karangan" writing skill is still in good shape :D

and ohhh, to those who are interested. come and join lah. 
a little details about the contest here :DD

Rules and Prizes
[Please read carefully as I reserve the right to disqualify any incomplete/invalid entries]
1. All entries must be 100% ORIGINAL WORK. Strictly NO PLAGIARISM!
2. Open to my old and new followers.
3. Write a short essay in Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Inggeris based on the title/photo given. 
4. You may submit as many essays as you want, however only ONE [1] will win one of the prizes.
Remember Quality over Quantity!
5. Essays should be submitted via CONTACT FORM within this site. It is better to use a CONTACT 
FORM for this purpose to avoid plagiarism. 

Winner will get CASH RM100 + gift from eqbalzack.com
Winner will get CASH RM100 + gift from eqbalzack.com
CONSOLATION PRIZE x 3Winner will get CASH RM10 + gift from eqbalzack.com

to avoid plagiarism (kononlahkan ada orang nak tiru :P) i decided to make my essay password protected, i will tell you the password, once the contest is done. thank you :DD

Password: janjiku

February 17, 2012

i've got your number!

** this entry had been set to auto-publish to a later time for some reason.

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

i did it. once again. not more than two and a half hour ago, i've already shutdown my laptop, put off the scented candle, switched off the light, set up the alarm clock. all in all, i was getting ready to sleep.

but you know me. i don't know it's either my biological clock really is messed up now, or i am a little insomniac.as usual, i can't sleep . 

so i decided to finish my reading on sophie kinsella's new book

" i've got your number"

# this is shocking and i just found out about it too. this book weren't supposed to be published till next week but, i found the uncorrected ebook file when i was browsing for some new ebook to read during the holiday. at first i didn't realize that it haven't been sold yet and i find out not a minute ago. i'm feeling a little guilty since i am a major sophie's fan but i guess i'm lucky to get that early version but i don't remember the site where i got it since my laptop will auto-delete my browsing history after each reboot. but don't worry, this book is so worth it that i'm gonna buy it as soon as it's out in bookstores. plus, there might be some things different since it's the uncorrected version.

(so i decided to post this review[?] one week later)
now back to the topic
and as usual once i start reading her book, i tend to finish it up without concerning the time etc.
and as usual every time i finished reading her writings, i will experience some "post-reading after effect" as i always called it.

 for example:
 i will end up, being so excited, and enthusiastic and overjoyed. and for tonight case, being unable to sleep.

why? the answer is so simple. because her writings has never fail to make me feel positively overwhelmed by happy thoughts and also very satisfied. the way she writes, it's so casual but at the same time being all witty and hilarious. i always loved how she made the heroine act a little fussy and annoying (at times) but always has a positive mind. and the lead male character
 (sigh~ i can't even explain this because i always fall in love with them)

let's make it short here.
i've read most of her books. wait let me check, i've read all the shopaholic series so far, and all of her stand alone novels including the latest one which i'm going to review in a little bit. i'm going to finish up the madeline wickham series after this and then voila! you can call me , a  forever die-hard sophie's fan.

this latest book, tittled "i've got your number" is undoubtly awesome. i am recommending it for everyone to get the book and start reading! it's the best romantic comedy.
just know that the way sophie write the story is already so bizarre yet not impossible.

get a synopsis and more from here.
so grab the book once it's out in malaysia. i myself going to buy a copy because i can't get enough of it through just one reading!!

p/s: i'm feeling so bad for reading it before the official release date but i'm also flattered to be one of the earliest reader. don't get me wrong since this is the first time such thing happen to me.


February 13, 2012

Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest [Entry Example]

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
okay, i don't know if i'm the weird one since there are people who don't get the contest guidelines
mianhe ^^ i can be a little confusing sometimes
so i decided to make a fake entry format as an example for you guys !!

Post Tittle: Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest

(click on banner see the contest rules)

Tagged Friends: 
Joyah, Minah, Siti (example)

Fanfic Category: 
Category A [One-Shot Malay] (example)
Fanfic Tittle:
I Love You (example)
Fanfic Teaser:

(example: here you can either put the poster of video teaser)
Fanfic Information:
Genre- Comedy, Friendship, Romance (example)
Characters- Dongho UKiss , Jiyeon T-Ara, Minho Shinee (example)
One-Shot Link- (put the link to your fanfic)
Fanfic Status:Done (example)
p/s: if you guys nak join more than one category, just do it again like above again


Fanfic Category: 
Category C [Drama English]- 15 Chapters (example)

Fanfic Tittle:
My Star(example)

Fanfic Teaser:
(example:here you can either put the poster of video teaser)

Fanfic Information:
Genre- Tragic, Fantasy, Adventure(example)
Characters- Suzy Miss A , Nickhun 2PM, G-Dragon (example)
Drama Link- (put the link to your fanfic)

Fanfic Status:
Done (example)
so got it? if ada yang tak sure lagi , sila tanya, jangan malu-malu kay :D
p/s: kalau tak sure pasal genre, rujuk kat sini 


[PG-13] - [Parental Guidance Recommended for under 13]
Suitable for teenagers or over 13 y.o readers. On this site that means mild sexual content is allowed. Likewise for language and violence. These stories may include actual or implied sexual relationships.
(cr: sj-world.net)

hunger games: the book trilogy ft. the movie

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
i've been meaning to talk about this for awhile
but i keep forgetting it.
 did you guys know about the hunger game trilogy?
it's written by Suzanne Collins
consist of 3 parts of books

cr: kaekaboom

book one: the hunger games
book two: catching fire
book three: mockingjay

rating? for me it's 5 out of 5!
because this book is seriously awesome!
you won't regret it!

the best thing is
it has been made into movie 
and the screening will be on 23rd march 2012!!

so you guys better get the book, read it 
and then go to the cinema to watch the awesomeness of katniss, peeta and gale!
they even released the sountracks for the movie
you can say this is my most awaited movie in 2012
and after that will be the avenger :P

so let's start the countdown!
(or to be precise, lets continue the countdown. i've been waiting since they released the first official trailer months ago)

" you love me.. real or not real?"
-peeta mellark-


segment by ben ashaari

reason why you guys should read mine?

well, to be compared to others, my blog might not be as awesome, but i don't think it's that bad either :D
i might not update often, but i never forget to do it :D

the most important reason is that
i take blogging seriously, because i love to write :D
when i'm inspired i could write an entry like this

February 12, 2012

Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

well, sebenarnya memang dah lama berura-ura nak buat contest ni
tapi memandangkan tuan blog kena jugak consider $$$$$ yang ada
jadi terpaksalah ditangguhkan hingga kini

now, since i'm free from all university assignments for awhile
i think this is the best time to do this

Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest for Blogger and Wordpress
1) One-Shot [Malay]
2) Drama [Malay]
3) One-Shot [English]
4) Drama [English]

So far, akan ada satu pemenang bagi setiap category
Syarat-syarat and other details akan dipost dalam entry lain in a few days but yang paling penting is a malaysian and ada blogspot or wordpress
So, tujuan entry ini adalah untuk tahu adakah you guys berminat nak join?
and if ada sesiapa yang nak sponsor hadiah, silalah jangan segan drop a comment

If ada yang nak sponsor, maybe winner akan bertambah bagi setiap category

P/S: Sponsor pun boleh join contest. So spread the word people :D

give me your feedback!!

February 11, 2012

miss me?

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

miss me? nope?
ouch, i'm hurt
haha, just kidding ( i don't mind)

i've been losing my touch these days
no ideas = no new entry = deserted blog

well, actually many events happened
but i just don't have the feeling to type it out
maybe i should compile and make simple summary in one entry??
hurmm.. maybe...or maybe not

by the way
so tired today
took my brother to klcc 
since it's weekend and i've been promising him to take him out before

haha, i really don't have the idea to write these days
it feels like something blocking my inspiration :P lol

maybe later
maybe later
till then don't miss me much

p/s: if you happen to drop by, just leave a link and i'll visit back :P