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hunger games: the book trilogy ft. the movie

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
i've been meaning to talk about this for awhile
but i keep forgetting it.
 did you guys know about the hunger game trilogy?
it's written by Suzanne Collins
consist of 3 parts of books

cr: kaekaboom

book one: the hunger games
book two: catching fire
book three: mockingjay

rating? for me it's 5 out of 5!
because this book is seriously awesome!
you won't regret it!

the best thing is
it has been made into movie 
and the screening will be on 23rd march 2012!!

so you guys better get the book, read it 
and then go to the cinema to watch the awesomeness of katniss, peeta and gale!
they even released the sountracks for the movie
you can say this is my most awaited movie in 2012
and after that will be the avenger :P

so let's start the countdown!
(or to be precise, lets continue the countdown. i've been waiting since they released the first official trailer months ago)

" you love me.. real or not real?"
-peeta mellark-


  1. pernah nampak book ni kat borders ari tu.. memang plan nak beli pun.. dengar cite nak masuk movie jap g


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