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6th Jib Teaser!!

hey hey peeps^^

it's out guys!!  the teaser for sexy, free and single!
i love the choreo and the best stuck in my mind already!! and kangin is back!!! *cries*

kahwin and baby in tummy :)

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assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps!
hari ni topic yang selalu disebut manusia2 berumur 20 tahun ke atas.. kahwin and baby!
i got 2 exciting news today!! my friend in tgb nak kahwin!! also with my tgb schoolmate too! uuihhh riuh rendah group tgb ari ni yelahh kann, first tgb couple yang na…

Final Examination Semester 4

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
first time nak blog guna android memang takde makna lah nak taip panjang2 kan... just wanna say that my paper starts wish me luck ^^ and ampun maaf dipinta. halalkan every ilmu and makanan you gave me..
okayy tu sahaja..mau sambung baca notes ni -_…

6th Jib

cr: welovehaehyuk
they starts to release teaser again but i'm too busy to keep myself updated can't wait for the mv teaser and kyuhyun's teaser this time, the concept is a little less funkier(?) than 5th jib looking forward to it
p/s: start saving money again.  p/p/s: t-ara is coming, …


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sometimes i wonder if i should set this blog as private ahhh~ don't know lahhh my mood is unstable right now
goodnyte peeps

trust issue

cr: leilockheart
i think, i have a problem.  no, actually i've known this all along. i have a major trust issue. i don't know where does it start and i end up this messed up, but i really don't trust people. i might have someone close to me, yet in my heart i can't trust them complete…

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