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trust issue

i think, i have a problem. 
no, actually i've known this all along. i have a major trust issue. i don't know where does it start and i end up this messed up, but i really don't trust people. i might have someone close to me, yet in my heart i can't trust them completely, even my family members.

does it because i lack confidence? is it because i've been betrayed before?

i've tried so much. these past few years, i started to believe a little. but now, it starts again. the back stabbing.
i need to do something about this or i won't be able to recover.

i can't trust people, i can't give my heart wholly and just believe. 
because every time i start to give in and trust someone
it would turn out badly

but i know, i have to face people sincerely 
and this trust issue, need a major make over.


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