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Beauty Box Review: Wonderbox April 2013

I've been wanting to subscribe for a beauty box ever since they started to launch various box in Malaysia. But, I was so busy with so many things that it slipped my mind until I saw my to-do-list in my phone apps from last year (Yeah, believe me).
So finally, I decided to try for a month subsc…


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I hope I can say that easily But reality is just not that simple

Wordless Wednesday : On The Bright Side

Thankfully there are things like this that could make me happy once in a while
Huhuhu¬¬ fighting!!


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Assalamualaikum and long time no see people!
It's been ages since i last wrote here. The main reason is that i am so busy with my final semester, i don't even have anytime to actually write anything else except for reports, assignments and resumes. Life has finally become too…

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