Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time


Assalamualaikum and long time no see people!

It's been ages since i last wrote here. The main reason is that i am so busy with my final semester, i don't even have anytime to actually write anything else except for reports, assignments and resumes.
Life has finally become too hectic to enjoy fully TT *cries*

Deadlines are my new best friends.
Eye bag is the new fashion trend.
And ohh, my money tend to run away even faster than before.

Ahhhhh... I seriously cannot wait for all of this to end but at the same time I really hope that time would fly slower since my final year project is nowhere near completion. 

Dear juniors, I seriously recommend you guys to think of your project title as early as you can because one year is just too short!!

Okay, that's all my ranting for today. I feel much better now. 


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