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cr: fenrna
Hey Peeps, I actually feel so bored right now that I copy this random tag off tumblr to answer. Lol So here I go:
1: Name five celebrity crushes and five fictional character crushes
Five Celebrity Crushes: Cho Kyuhyun Moon Joowon Jennifer Lawrence Robert Downey Jr. Cho Kyuhyun
*yes, i p…


cr: jeanise1
It's so scary these days, monsters are everywhere--and no, i'm not talking about the Halloween.
Today, I saw an article about a shooting in the newspaper. A woman is dead, shot in the head, by the security officer of the bank she worked at. Few weeks(?) ago, news about people …

September/October Favorite Playlists ❤

cr: homuhomu-complex
Hello guys!
As usual, I feel bad when I didn't pay much attention on my blog. To be honest, I don't really have anything special going on in my life worth writing for. These days are filled with me juggling with studies and helping around at home. Since I stayed at hom…

Feel Bad

cr: picsandquotes
I feel so bad for not updating my blog as often as before. Yeah yeah I know. Same thing over and over again. You see, the main point of this blog is not to make people read it.  I just love writing. And I want something to look at when I started wondering about my pasts.
Sigh.  I…

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