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It's so scary these days, monsters are everywhere--and no, i'm not talking about the Halloween.

Today, I saw an article about a shooting in the newspaper.
A woman is dead, shot in the head, by the security officer of the bank she worked at.
Few weeks(?) ago, news about people getting shot because of grudge started to be heard
And then, article about random stabbing started to afloat on social media.

I don't feel safe anymore.
And I believe the ladies out there are feeling the same.

How can we work, or go to class in peace when such brutality starts to show up around us? Sure, some might think that the victim won't be them. But what if you are the victim? 

Not everyone has the luxury to go back and forth from work without exposing themselves to possible danger. Even walking home from the bus stop, or LRT station could possibly life threatening these days. All we can do is hope and pray that it wouldn't be us-- and just try to be brave. Or in my case (and most of us I believe), faking bravery.

I won't even leave home without an umbrella in hand. I rather walk 20 minutes using long route, compared to  5 minutes using shortcut. I rather stay for hours in McDonald or KFC, waiting for the office hour to end so that my dad could pick me up at the station rather than walking home by myself.

These are sacrifices, not only me, but many ladies out there need to and usually make to make sure we feel safe everyday. Because these kind of sacrifices could be the only way to keep us alive. Although some might say it's just a small one compared our safety, but try living like us. Maybe these killing spree would end soon, but that doesn't the threats on us will.

Rapers, Molesters, Robbers, Kidnappers.
Just name it.

I just hope, something could be done so we could feel less scared and comforted.

Even small changes like the "Ladies Coach" for trains mean a lot to us.

We might not live in a war country. 
But  that doesn't mean we're completely safe

Because even within a peaceful land, there will always be a dark hand.


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