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Shine with NO SHINE in Kiehl's Fun in The Sun Moment!

Dear readers,
cr: deviantart
I have a confession to make. *drama queen alert*
I've never tried any Kiehl's product before.  And now, I blame hate my self for that. 
Let me explain it to you. Although I'm very easily swayed by makeups , I'm a tad less adventurous in trying new skin…

Going Commando with Butterfly Project Malaysia!

cr: butterflyprojectmalaysia

"Fire in the hole!" "Cover me!"
Gosh, you have no idea how awesome it felt to be able to said those words out loud when all these years it was just something I usually heard when playing games with my brothers.
What, is it weird? I play PC games occas…

[Sponsored] HCG Diary: Phase 2 in Records

Hello guise,
cr: getting-rid-of-this-fat

To be honest I'm very guilty about being super late in updating this blog . I've actually done this draft in my notebook for so long but I kept forgetting to type it here.  *I'm such a grandma*
But heyy, like I said I have finished my phase 2!

IU- My Old Story

Hello guisee~!

 cr: koreanmagazinelovers  *fangirl alert*
So, I've just downloaded IU's new special project remake album "Flower Bookmark" and gosh, it's so good and beyond my expectation.

Especially for 'My Old Story' song. Awesome posummmmm~~
Now I kept on playing the…

[Event/Contest] Start Your Football Fever with Domino's Kickoff!

Hello guiseee~~!

If you follow my Instagram, I've posted my excitement over the biggest match of the year in this picture above. But did you notice the #dominokickoff hashtag that I added there?
If you did, were you curious about it? No worries because I'm here to share you about it now.

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