May 28, 2014

Shine with NO SHINE in Kiehl's Fun in The Sun Moment!

Dear readers,

I have a confession to make.
*drama queen alert*

I've never tried any Kiehl's product before. 
And now, I blame hate my self for that. 

Let me explain it to you. Although I'm very easily swayed by makeups , I'm a tad less adventurous in trying new skincare products before. Because my skin tend to react sensitively to certain skincare formulation, I'm not as spontaneous when it comes to buying skincare from brand that I'm not familiar with.

Only when I'm convinced enough on certain brand, then I'll take a chance to try them.
But not everything suit me. Some makes it even worse, some usually is just 'so-so'. 

But once in a blue moon, I would actually find something that suit me so well!

And that is why my friends, I regret that I did not give Kiehl a chance sooner.
Because when I finally tried the samples I got from Kiehl's store, I fell in love!
They're just incredibly awesome!

And I owe The Butterfly Project Malaysia on that.
Because honestly, I only went to get the samples when they suggested it for the June campaign.

And I didn't know that I would actually find a gem!
 No wonder I've been hearing about this brand here and there.
The really live it up to their popularity~~!

Therefore, I'm even more excited to join this campaign with The Butterfly Project!
So it's time to test my luck.

And now, I'm here to present my case;
*clears throat*

The Butterfly Project requested that we need to answer this two questions about Kiehl.
So here is mine ;D

1) Why do you need 24 hour no-shine fresh hydration?

Because as much as refused to admit it, my work hours are usually (very) hectic, and I'm on the verge of turning into a workaholic myself. When I got home, I couldn't care less to put on mask everyday to make my skin extra hydrated the next day because I usually am too exhausted to give extra attention to it. My daily routine is just the three basic "cleansing-toning-moisurizing" steps, which most of us know won't be enough to make our skin look glowing and smooth like all those Korean celebrities.

 I have no life. Seriously.

 Everyday, I'll be under the blasting 'aircond' all day which definitely makes my skin dry, but then once I'm out of the office, the hot Malaysia weather will then instantly make my skin oily. It's like magic you know? *sarcasm*

Having a combination (dry+oily) skin is a major pain because well, not many products can help control both issue without ended up making the other worse.

Most moisturizers that I've tried will either;

a) Over-moisturize and make my skin looked like its been smothered with oil, or 
b) Doesn't moisturize enough at all.

And because of that, I really hate applying moisturizer on my skin because it always felt sticky and heavy on my face.

I guess at that time I haven't found my perfect match yet.

I need a 24 hour no-shine fresh hydration because I believe that with a hydrated skin, the production of sebum that release the facial oil will be able to be controlled, and that will definitely help reducing the oil/shine on my face.

As much as I love makeup, I still think having a bare, fresh looking face is the best way for any girls!

Enough hydration will also mean that my skin won't be badly affected under the 'aircond'. And since the secretion of excessive sebum on my face will be controlled, problems like large pores and blackheads can also be greatly reduced.

Now that will solve another problem right?

And gosh, my greatest desire right now is to get rid all those camera filters and take a selca/selfie with confidence.
Tell me, you all wanted the same to right?

That's why I'm feeling ecstatic with Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream that gives not only 24 hours moisture, but also contain no shine properties.

2) What do you love about Kiehl’s?

Now, the big question. Why do I love Kiehl? Or should I say, why I fell in love with this brand?

A single word wouldn't be enough. That's for sure.

First, I just love their website!
You know first impression last quite awhile and the first time I really got to know Kiehl is through their beautifully designed website. They're just pretty, fun, functional and informative. The interactive menu and easy description is definitely a big yes. Do you know that they actually explain on the ingredients of their product rather than just listing it down? I feel like I'm actually being given a one-on-one explanation while browsing their website.

 And I also like how they show the retail price of the products on their website, where some brands don't always do that.

If I have to choose between an old wise man and a younger wise man, there will be a higher chance that I'll choose the older one. There is a saying that the elders are more wiser because they're well seasoned with experience; and this brand definitely is in the 'old wise man' category. Established in 1851 (Gosh,pretty sure even my great grandad hasn't existed at that time!), Kiehl already have a strong foundation and knowledge in skincare. So why shouldn't I feel confident with them?

If you still feel that's not enough, Kiehl actually have a 100% money back guarantee! That's how much they're confident with their range

And have you ever go to any of Kiehl's outlet? The closest one to me is in KLCC, and I got to say they just catches my eyes every time. They have awesome interior design (which is also a selling point cause ladies will definitely find it even more irresistible to not take a look at a 'pretty' shop). And the shop assistants are also nice and friendly, which is also very important. It'll be such a turn off if the shop assistant is all rude and not welcoming.

Moving on to product design.

I must say that although they have a minimalist design, the Kiehl's products also gives off a clinical yet luxurious look. The 'partly OCD' in me also like that they're somehow similar in design. That will definitely look great on my vanity table. Hahaha.

They have wide range of skincare for different skin issue. The one that is now in my 'to buy list' is definitely the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream, and also the highly raved #1 Anti Aging Cream in Korea, the Super Multi Corrective Cream . Now I'm just a step away from my flawless skin dream like the Korean actresses
*that's definitely the fan girl in me speaking*

To be honest, that's not all!
I'm actually swayed to buy all of their products, especially the one they listed down in Kiehl's
 Top 10 2013 Customer's Favourites 

The most important thing is how Kiehl's product feel on my skin. I really like them. Lightweight and not greasy. And you could see visible result after using them.
And I just tried the sample! Wonder how it'll be when I finish the entire bottle?
Now, that's something I look forward to.

Hopely, I'll be chosen to join The Butterfly Project, Fun in The Sun with Kiehl event soon.
It's time to get intimate with this awesome brand, cause I can see a long term relationship ahead of us.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

May 26, 2014

Going Commando with Butterfly Project Malaysia!

"Fire in the hole!"
"Cover me!"

Gosh, you have no idea how awesome it felt to be able to said those words out loud when all these years it was just something I usually heard when playing games with my brothers.

What, is it weird? I play PC games occasionally okay!

By the way, can you guess what I'm sharing about today?

A few Saturday back, The Butterfly Project Community held a Laser Tag activity to celebrate 1st Anniversary Event (yayy for turning one!) with the community members at eCurve, Laser Warzone. I got lucky again to be invited, and of course I confirmed my attendance as soon as I received my invitation email!

And let me tell you, I had a blast!

The reason why The Butterfly Project admins decided in this activity for our beauty bloggers community is to show that girls can be more than pretty clothes and makeups! And what's even better than show our girls power in a bit of a 'manly' game?

cr: cosplay-soul
 *Since post theme is related to girls power, I can't resist adding this Magi reference.She rocks you know! Haha, so who else read/watch this anime?*

The program started around 11.30 am in the morning, and we Butterflies were gathered in a special waiting room. When I arrived, the smell of breakfast/brunch menu greeted me. Most of the Butterflies were already there, and busy chatting with each other while having their breakfast.

* The foods~ Yummy!*

Not long after that, the staffs from Laser Warzone started to explain about the games we were going to play. There were also some rules that need to be followed to ensure smooth game!

 That day, we were divided into four separate groups; Huntress, Athena, Mulan and Laser Fly. I was in team Huntress.

Our gear consisted of a vest, and of course the laser tag gun ;D

*Inside of the arena*

We played four games that day, and the aim is to collect as many points in order to be the champion. Our team was a bit 'less lucky' in the first three games, so we were in the last place ranking. But miraculously, in the fourth game, we managed to catch up and went up to third place. Yayy!


And we can monitor our scores after each game. It also includes our accuracy points. And not only that, we can also watch other teams playing while we're resting. Double awesomeness right?!

To be honest, at first I was like "Yeah, I'll just play for fun", and just stayed at one place. But then, in the last game the adrenaline rush was too much that I ended up circling the whole 'battle area' for god knows how many times.

So in the end, a bronze medal for Huntress!

* Pretty cake from Ask Joey- The Sweetest Party*

Lastly, we did a cake cutting/taking picture ceremony. And well, taking pictures is like our second job, so here are some pictures spam from that day!

Most of pictures in this post are from The Butterfly Project Malaysia and  Laser Warzone Facebook page because this silly self brought the DSLR that day but left the lens at home *fails* Hahah!

*Some of Huntress mates*

* With Kak Sabby, she's so petite I looked huge!*

And of course, selca/selfie is a must!

* With Mira CikCit*

*With Sabrina Tajudin*

So are you interested to try out this game?
Visit Laser Warzone at E-Curve for the fun!

And down below is the pricing list;

If you've tried laser tag before, tell me what you think about it?
For me, it is a better alternative than paintball.

No more bruises on your skin! Although I've got to say, the sore and muscle ache the next day is inevitable.

And one tip from me, don't wear white! You'll glow in the dark ;D

For more info:

Well, I guess that's all
Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

May 21, 2014

[Sponsored] HCG Diary: Phase 2 in Records

Hello guise,
To be honest I'm very guilty about being super late in updating this blog . I've actually done this draft in my notebook for so long but I kept forgetting to type it here. 
*I'm such a grandma*

But heyy, like I said I have finished my phase 2!

Are you wondering about the how many kilograms I've lost? 
Check out the tables below!

I've actually wrote about the first two weeks in my blog post HERE
So make sure you check it out!

As for Week 3, the diet has been going on well. As you can see, I've lost 1.1 kg in one week

Week 4, I only lost 0.3kg
This is because it TOM (time of the moth) came so I need to stop the shots until it ends. 
I still eat based on the diet guidelines , but the loss wasn't as much without the HCG shots.

Resuming my shots, I've lost almost 1kg in the following week 5. 
Then, I lose the same in the next week too.

I gained weight on Day 6 and Day 7 of Week 7 because I wasn't feeling well so I ate something that isn't according to the amount of food that I can take. So I gained 0.4 kg in that week.

And finally, in week 8 which is also the final week of my Phase 2 of HCG Treatment I lost 1.1kg again.

And for that, my 2 months long of Phase 2 was finally over!

To be honest, I still can't believe that I managed to not eat rice for the whole duration. I did cheat once in awhile but it's all in small amount (eg: eating a piece of biscuit or drinking juices with sugar) but most of the time I followed the guidelines pretty tightly.

Therefore, I've lost a whopping 7.1 kilograms in the course of 2 months!
And it's just awesome *dance of happiness*

So are you intrigued to try out this treatment?
 Check out Mediviron UOA Clinic details down here :

 Mediviron UOA Clinic Facebook Page: link
Mediviron UOA Clinic Website: link
Mediviron UOA Clinic:
LG 9, Lower Ground Floor, Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:+603-2163 5699
Fax:+603-2163 5698
Mobile:+6017-2163 569

I'll be posting about my Phase 3, and more in the next blogpost.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

May 20, 2014

IU- My Old Story

 Hello guisee~!

 cr: koreanmagazinelovers
 *fangirl alert*

So, I've just downloaded IU's new special project remake album "Flower Bookmark" and gosh, it's so good and beyond my expectation.

Especially for 'My Old Story' song.
Awesome posummmmm~~

Now I kept on playing the song all day.
It has the best melody and lyrics!
And the words aren't that complex which made me can understand the song while listening.

So, I thought why not share it? I'll be doing 'my favourite playlist' post soon, but this just can't wait. 
I want everybody to listen and love it as much as I do.

P/S: Yes, sad melancholic ballad song is just my cup of coffee. Haha

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

May 19, 2014

[Event/Contest] Start Your Football Fever with Domino's Kickoff!

Hello guiseee~~!

If you follow my Instagram, I've posted my excitement over the biggest match of the year in this picture above. But did you notice the #dominokickoff hashtag that I added there?

If you did, were you curious about it?
No worries because I'm here to share you about it now.

Last week, I attended Domino's Malaysia blogger gathering as they were introducing us to the latest Domino's Kickoff campaign along with their new pizza menus. It was held in Setia Alam, and I went there with a fellow blogger, Miriam.

When we arrived  (after a few rounds around the block because we got lost), we were greeted by Chrissie who was the one who extended the invitation. Most of the bloggers were already there, since we arrived a tad later than the schedule (you know about after work hours traffic in kl right?) . Soon after that, they started to explain about Domino new campaign, which is the Domino Kickoff campaign in conjunction with World Cup .But first, let me share some awesome facts about Domino that I actually found out that day!

1. Do you know that Domino use ALL BAKING method for all of their menu?

Yes, it's crazy! In Domino's kitchen, there will be only oven available. No fryer whatsoever. All those yummy onion rings , chicken wings, etc are made just by baking them! It's mind blowing for me cause I know how crispy their onion ring is. And no wonder it doesn't taste heavy and oily!

2. Do you know that Domino do not use oil to grease their pizza?

Instead of using oil on the baking tray, Domino opted for a 'healthier' pizza making style which is to substitute the oil, with corn mill. Who would've think about that right??

3. Do you know what is Domino's promises to their customers?

30-Minutes Delivery Guarantee!
Product Satisfaction Guarantee!
15-Minutes Take AwayGuarantee!
Free Delivery!  

Moving on to the new menu! 
Domino team have curated three new menu addition to 'spice up' this upcoming big event which uses the new Smoky Blended BBQ sauce!
They are:

- Chickensaurus (Inspired by one of Domino's best selling menu, Meatasaurus.)

- Smoky Beef n Chick

- Smoky Pepperoni and Mushroom

Not to mention a new crust choice!
Cheesy Pan Crust, with 40% more cheese

And the picture below is people's favourite topping, Meatasaurus with the new Smoky Blended BBQ sauce and the new Cheesy Pan Crust!

We were served with various Domino menus that my stomach literally filled to the brink!
*And forget my diet, I cheated big time that day.Haha*

But before I showed you the food pictures, let me tell you about the exciting Domino's Kickoff Campaign that has been going on since 28th April until this 1st June.

The super awesome part is that the Grand Prize is so tempting that I can't help myself to want to join it too!

The winner will win ;
An All Expenses Paid Trip to Brazil for 2 worth more than RM32,000!

And there will be a weekly prizes over the course of campaign duration too.

1st Runner Up (Five Winners)
Exclusive Pizza Party with 20 friends worth RM2,000!

1st 2nd Runner Up (Five Winners)
A year supply of 12 free large pizzas!

1st 3rd Runner Up (Five Winners)
A year supply of 12 Free Regular Pizzas!

And more, there are  50 consolation prizes of Domino’s e-coupon voucher worth RM50 each up for grabs!

What you have to do is to keep this 3 simple steps memorized in your heart!

1. Play
2. Eat
3. Win

Yeah, no kidding. So simple right!!

What you have to do first is to log in to !

There you'll be playing a 'Flappy Bird' inspired game to win points. But if you're no expert in games, don't be worried! You can increase your chance of winning by purchasing Domino's pizza online! The larger the pizza, the bigger points to multiply. And if you ordered the new Smoky Blended BBQ sauce pizza lineup (which includes a new upgraded Meatasaurus), you'll be able to extra points too! And every week, the highest points will receive weekly prizes, and at the end of the campaign the one who has obtained the highest points will be crowned as the grand prize winner!

Now as promised, the food shots!

Hawaian Chicken

Spicy Sambal Anchovies

Tropical Sambal Prawns

Add Ons

And Domino also got new menu, French Fries!

* I'm pretty sure we both were salivating hard at that time.
 Lol, look at how we look at that one slice of pizza!*

And lastly, we did a short photo taking with all of the bloggers that attended the event. The dress code of the night is 'Your favourite football jersey'- and I borrowed my dad's Germany jersey!

*Miriam and Chrissie*

* It's actually my favourite football catchphrase!*

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

credit pictures: Miriam and Domino's Official