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Going Commando with Butterfly Project Malaysia!

"Fire in the hole!"
"Cover me!"

Gosh, you have no idea how awesome it felt to be able to said those words out loud when all these years it was just something I usually heard when playing games with my brothers.

What, is it weird? I play PC games occasionally okay!

By the way, can you guess what I'm sharing about today?

A few Saturday back, The Butterfly Project Community held a Laser Tag activity to celebrate 1st Anniversary Event (yayy for turning one!) with the community members at eCurve, Laser Warzone. I got lucky again to be invited, and of course I confirmed my attendance as soon as I received my invitation email!

And let me tell you, I had a blast!

The reason why The Butterfly Project admins decided in this activity for our beauty bloggers community is to show that girls can be more than pretty clothes and makeups! And what's even better than show our girls power in a bit of a 'manly' game?

cr: cosplay-soul
 *Since post theme is related to girls power, I can't resist adding this Magi reference.She rocks you know! Haha, so who else read/watch this anime?*

The program started around 11.30 am in the morning, and we Butterflies were gathered in a special waiting room. When I arrived, the smell of breakfast/brunch menu greeted me. Most of the Butterflies were already there, and busy chatting with each other while having their breakfast.

* The foods~ Yummy!*

Not long after that, the staffs from Laser Warzone started to explain about the games we were going to play. There were also some rules that need to be followed to ensure smooth game!

 That day, we were divided into four separate groups; Huntress, Athena, Mulan and Laser Fly. I was in team Huntress.

Our gear consisted of a vest, and of course the laser tag gun ;D

*Inside of the arena*

We played four games that day, and the aim is to collect as many points in order to be the champion. Our team was a bit 'less lucky' in the first three games, so we were in the last place ranking. But miraculously, in the fourth game, we managed to catch up and went up to third place. Yayy!


And we can monitor our scores after each game. It also includes our accuracy points. And not only that, we can also watch other teams playing while we're resting. Double awesomeness right?!

To be honest, at first I was like "Yeah, I'll just play for fun", and just stayed at one place. But then, in the last game the adrenaline rush was too much that I ended up circling the whole 'battle area' for god knows how many times.

So in the end, a bronze medal for Huntress!

* Pretty cake from Ask Joey- The Sweetest Party*

Lastly, we did a cake cutting/taking picture ceremony. And well, taking pictures is like our second job, so here are some pictures spam from that day!

Most of pictures in this post are from The Butterfly Project Malaysia and  Laser Warzone Facebook page because this silly self brought the DSLR that day but left the lens at home *fails* Hahah!

*Some of Huntress mates*

* With Kak Sabby, she's so petite I looked huge!*

And of course, selca/selfie is a must!

* With Mira CikCit*

*With Sabrina Tajudin*

So are you interested to try out this game?
Visit Laser Warzone at E-Curve for the fun!

And down below is the pricing list;

If you've tried laser tag before, tell me what you think about it?
For me, it is a better alternative than paintball.

No more bruises on your skin! Although I've got to say, the sore and muscle ache the next day is inevitable.

And one tip from me, don't wear white! You'll glow in the dark ;D

For more info:

Well, I guess that's all
Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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