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Weekend Gateway in KL: Sekeping Tenggiri, Bangsar

One of the perks of working in my office is that each team got monthly funds which we can use to do group activities to strengthen our bonds and improve our team work; we call it the 'team bonding'. Sometimes, we went for an eating adventure (eg: trying out fine Indian cuisine at Malgudi) because everyone in the team is major foodies and on some other times, we would opt for longer activities like going for a 2 Days 1 Night stay-cation together. The planner/mastermind behind these trips is usually our boss/mamasan +Tammy Lim and she never fails to impress us every time. Seriously, she is one of the best people I know at the art of deals-hunting. I never knew that I could go to such gorgeous places with a minimum budget!

The Entrance
One of the gateway spots we've been to during our team bonding session is one of the 'Sekeping Retreats' branch; the Sekeping Tenggiri. Located in Bangsar, it's actually very near to our office building (like less than 10 mins away) but doesn't get me wrong; despite being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, once you've got there it'll be like you've been transported to somewhere else. Quieter and more serene. We were so impressed with the place on our first visit that we actually ended up coming again for the second time!

View from Pool View Room

Sekeping Tenggiri facility provides 7 different rooms to rent, a swimming pool, a lounge area, kitchen with bare-urm.. I mean basic necessities (fridge & oven) and 24 hours housekeeping service. The first time we went there, our team was smaller so we only booked the Left Garden Room, Right Garden Room, and the Sky View Room. Months later, our team grew some more so we had to book 2 more rooms which are the Glass Room and the Pool View Room. The architecture of the place is more of an industrial minimalist design but with a touch of greens here and there. For photo junkies, there are plenty of spaces for you to take your Instagram shots.

First visit & getting some work done.  With +Mira Cikcit +Sydney Lim 

I stayed in both Left and Right Garden Room from our two visits there. I would say the two rooms are the most private of all the rooms our team have booked (in terms of the room and bathroom design). The coolest room would be the Glass Room since you are able to see the surrounding with the glass walls enclosing it. Not just that, it is also connected to the balcony. The Sky View Room have a more rustic and traditional feel while the Pool View Room has a nice and cosy porch facing the swimming pool. I also love their common area. It's very cosy and homey, that I actually feel very comfortable chilling around there. We had our dinner together at the same place too and the table is big enough to fit 10 of us.

Lounge Area

Sky View Room

Glass Room


Believe me I was really nervous while taking this picture. #scaredycat

I've been wanting to check out Sekeping Serendah but honestly it's a tad further away from KL and I don't want to travel so far just for a short gateway so Sekeping Tenggiri is the perfect plan B. I would say that I highly recommend this place if you want to 'escape the city' inside the city. Just spend the whole day lazing around and reading a book on the porch or next to the swimming pool, you'll find yourself to fall in love with the place just like me. The only downside of the rooms is that they don't provide water hose at the toilet which is a little hassle. Other than that, I'm all good!

Chilling Pulau & Ketam

Please note that they have two (very cute) dogs at the establishment called Pulau and Ketam (seriously their names are so cute), but you don't have to worry as their space are totally separated with the guests' area. You can just catch a glimpse of them now and then. They are just a cute bunch and are not loud either. Behind Sekeping Tenggiri, there is also another establishment by Sekeping which is called the Sekeping Backlane. We met a Japanese lady who stayed there during our first visit and she showed us the place. Seriously it has an even more awesome design!

I've also visited their other venue which is Sekeping Seapark in Petaling Jaya. I'll try to share about my visit there in my next blog post. If you are interested in checking out Sekeping Retreat, you can check out their website on!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥γƒŸ


  1. like this new blogging style!!!!!!!!!! and...... my #dealking tag haha

    1. Yayy thanks Mamasan huhuhu and yes u are the deal queen!

  2. I've not visited any Sekeping property yet even though there is one in Ipoh. Would love to check out at least one!!

  3. Such a great gateaway.. Nice nice.. lovely review for Bangsar Sekeping property!

  4. Nice gateway and I love the way your office encourages you guys to go out for a team building wish mine was like that and less political.

  5. This place really beautiful. Thinking to do gathering at here with friends.

  6. looks like a great place to visit! haven't been there before

  7. Always wanted to come here for a long time ago, but they didn't have a house or room for couple. Too big so scary. haha

  8. this looks like such a beautiful place for team building and a big family to have fun in

  9. it is truly a nice place. Thanks for sharing it. I will bring my family for a getaway there

  10. Wow this looks very relaxing and would help to free your stress and spirit. Looks homey plus cute doggies! Love it :)

  11. Wow this looks very relaxing and would help to free your stress and spirit. Looks homey plus cute doggies! Love it :)

  12. This place is so quaint and unique that let's u live in a kampung house with the amenities of the modern home.

  13. I love these short getaways. The place seems so natural. If you did not mention that it's in the city, I would have thought it was in a very secluded resort.

  14. wow, cant believe that bangsar have this kinda place :D

  15. Love the place, nice weekend treat for a short holiday with buddies :)


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