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IU- My Old Story

 Hello guisee~!

 cr: koreanmagazinelovers
 *fangirl alert*

So, I've just downloaded IU's new special project remake album "Flower Bookmark" and gosh, it's so good and beyond my expectation.

Especially for 'My Old Story' song.
Awesome posummmmm~~

Now I kept on playing the song all day.
It has the best melody and lyrics!
And the words aren't that complex which made me can understand the song while listening.

So, I thought why not share it? I'll be doing 'my favourite playlist' post soon, but this just can't wait. 
I want everybody to listen and love it as much as I do.

P/S: Yes, sad melancholic ballad song is just my cup of coffee. Haha

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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