December 31, 2014

A 2014 Thanks To!

 Hey guys :D

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Oh my goodness. I can't believe this is the last few hours of the last day of the year! I mean, it seemed just yesterday when January 2014 came. And I guess it's time to reflect on 2014. As we all know, this year wasn't exactly a smooth sailing. We've been tested with a lot of tragedies and sadness.

Our MH370 plane unsolved mystery, the lost of MH17 flight, and even the currently still affecting us, one of the worst flood in history. Is it a sign to remind us to think of the more important things?

Personally for me, 2014 was a mix of both. There were some happy things, and there were also sadness. I finally graduated and had my first job, yet the lost of two important people in my life seems to have the biggest impact.

I just hope 2015 will give a glimmer of hope and more happiness.

As 2014 is already at the end, I decided to write something to thank some people I'm feeling really grateful to this year. And to these people, I hope our lovely encounters will continue in not just 2015, but in years to come.

1. My Parent

I'm not exactly the expressive type. I just can't say whats truly in my mind and heart straight through my mouth. But to my parent, I'm so thankful to them. I finally completed my degree, and all of those years of restless support from them were such a big motivation for me. I'm already out of word. See? But I love you mom and dad, till Jannah.

2. My Best Friends

source: creativemisha

We're not exactly the 'always together' type. But I know you guys will always be there whenever I need you. Thank you for the love and support, the laughter and the tears.

To Liyana, 2014 meant a decade of our friendship. I hope it'll turn to forever. My mom said you're more like a sister than a friend to me. And I agree with her. Thank you for everything you did for me in 2014. I know I receive more from you than you from me. Thanks for each honest thoughts and words. I'm looking forward for the years to come. Because you have long ago became my family.
To Sue, Qila and Ieka, you guys are my partners in crime and soul mates. We started as a group of people with same interest, but now I just can't imagine my life without you people anymore. You guys probably gave me the most laughter in 2014. Thanks for listening for my never ending rants and out of tune singing. I'm looking forward to more adventures to come. 
And one more thing I want to say to you guys, 사랑한다 친구야!!

3. Tammy and The Butterfly Project Community

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I would like to really thank Tammy and her super amazing "The Butterfly Project" community! It had open up so many opportunities for me in the blogging world. You're someone I look up to Tammy! And I'm so happy that I get to meet so many amazing Butterflies up till today. Especially to Kak PuteriKak Ella, and Miriam. You guys are the best! Thank you for treating me so well and I'm looking forward to 2015 and meeting you guys again. I hope our community will grow more and become the best in this field. And I don't doubt it at all!

Well there are still a lot more people I would like to thank. But the one mentioned above are the people I most thankful for in 2014 and the people I really need to thank properly.

I met so many amazing people in 2014.
 Bloggers, new friends etc.
I'm so lucky despite all the ups and downs.
And I'm hoping for an amazing 2015.
Maybe my '2015's Thanks To' list will grow?
Well, we'll see ;D

Anyway, wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

December 10, 2014

Top 10 Korean Songs On Rainy Days

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Hey guys ^^

It's been raining quite often these days. One of my favorite thing to do when it's raining is to listen to sad/melancholic songs, especially when it's pouring in the evening. Choosing Top 10 is not easy because I have tons of song I love to listen to. But these are almost always in the list, and most of them are OSTs in Korean drama. Here are my top 10 in no particular order;

1. Cho Kyuhyun (Super Junior) - 7 Years of Love

2. Yesung (Super Junior) - It Has To Be You

3. Yesung (Super Junior) - Gray Paper

4. Cho Kyuhyun (Super Junior) - Hope Is A Dream That Never Sleep

5. Lee Sun Hee - Fox Rain

6. Kiss - Because I'm A Girl
(This is probably the first Korean song that I remember the lyrics by heart.
It was very popular around the time I was 15. )

7. Super Junior - In My Dreams

8. Epik High - Happen Ending
(This one is totally recent, and I've been obsessing with these days)

9. Taeyeon (SNSD) - Missing Like Crazy

10. Jang Hey Jin, MC Sniper - Bad Person

I guess you could see my inclincation towards SJ members song. But believe me they are all good :D
And do please recommend me some good songs to hear on rainy days too! Language doesn't matter :)
Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

My Top Favourite Websites

Hey guys!
Since our lives nowadays are deeply entangled in the world wide web ('www'), there for sure some sites that we usually visits on daily basis (or weekly at least) for reading. 
So I decided to compile some list of websites that I love to visit not jut for entertainment, but sometimes for light informational reading. While some of them are just to satisfy my daily fangirl craving. Hahaha
MakeUseOf: Favourite 'Geeky' Technology Site
This site is great! They make reading such technical stuffs easier with simple charts, pictures etc. And they also do huge gadgets giveaways on frequent basis. I like to read their informational charts that I won't usually thought of to Google for, but at the same time very useful info. Like this one about JPEG, GIF and PNG: When To Use Each Kind of Image. They also write articles like 'Gifts to Buy for Photographer' or a more technical stuff like 'Two Ways Your ISP Is Spying On You and How To Be Safe'

Hypable: Favourite 'Fan Info' Site
This is the site where I satisfy my fan girl love on non kpop related stuffs like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and etc. This site is very up to date on new highly anticipated movies or books. And it's no secret they really love Harry Potter, just seeing on all their Harry Potter articles even when the movie and books already ended a few years ago. And they made Harry Potter quizzes too! One of my favourite Harry Potter articles on the site is the '7 Harry Potter Theories We Wish Had Come True' article. And not to forget this fun 'How to Order a Butterbeer at Starbucks' article!

HelloGiggles: Favourite 'Girl' Site
I think this site targets female readers based on the articles they wrote. But hey no complains here because this is one of the site that I will visit almost on daily basis. They not only writes about movies, television series and books (like Hypable but more towards female approach from what I saw), but they also write articles for self reflects, motivational posts, and sometimes have guest post sharing about things like depression etc. For example this guest writing on 'Choosing to Recover From Eating Disorder is Where My Life Began'. There is also this article 'Why It's (More Than) Okay To Go It Alone'. A feminist site, and a good one ;D

ThoughtCatalog: Favourite 'Emotion and Relationship' Site

I don't know what to call this one but  'Emotion and Relationship' site. My favourites articles on this site are usually about self empowerment, relationship advice, and usually things that relates with me personally. One of their article '18 Struggles of Having An Outgoing Personality But Actually Being Shy and Introverted' describes my self so accurately, it has become on of my favourite article to read. I also like their articles like '5 Things You Actually Mean To Say When You Say 'I Can't''. I like it because it makes me think on my actions and thoughts,and change it for the better.

Uporthy: Favourite 'Viral Issue' Site
Things featured here always goes viral and they need to. This site features stories that matter, and things that we need to be concerned about. Just like their slogan 'Things That Matter. Pass 'Em On'. While some things they features are contradicting with my own belief, but I think it's a very informational site where many important things on humanity are shared. Articles like 'When He Says, 'I'm A Human Being' I Tear Up Too' is the kind of articles that would open our eyes on things that matter. And these kind of articles reminds us on how lucky we are compared to some others.

They're some more sites that I usually go to, but those listed above are the one that I like the most.
Any of you have recommendation to other amazing sites, feel free to share with me in comment below.
Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

December 03, 2014

I've Officially Graduated!

Hey guys ;D

Just a short update on my life, I can't write much since I'm in office.LOL
Last Sunday (November 30th) was my convocation day. 
To be honest I still can't believe it's officially over!
I finally graduated. *dance*

Now I'm a degree holder in... *drumrolls*

BSc Hons Data Communication and Networking

I'm still busy with work about two weeks before convocation day. So, I wasn't be able to shoot any 'pre-convo' pictures which is a regret. Anyhow, I was thankful that my parent, cousin, aunts and uncle came on the day so I feel a lot better about that. My bestfriend Yana even came early in the morning (7am) as she had a test on the afternoon so she wont be able to meet me when it's over in the afternoon. She drove all the way from Cheras to Shah Alam on early morning *sobbing* #touched

funny that the only picture where everyone is smiling fine, and i was making funny face

and here my beloved 'not so' little cousin ;D

with mom and dad, gosh suddenly i miss them

excited face
with my ibu (aunt)
excited face version 2
my beloved aunt cik yong! you make me happy always!
and my number one friend, thanks for the flowers , teddy and cute pillow, i love you!!

It was the pictures taken from my cousin's phone because my phone is completely broken *sigh*
Well, at least we had fun. 
My parent wanted to take a proper studio picture so we went outside of UiTM to find a photo studio. 
We first went to Plaza Alam Central and SACC Mall to find one but unfortunately we weren't able to find any. (and I was walking around in my robe with people staring at me, hahaha!)

 We finally found one studio in Section 7. After we took the pictures, we went back inside to return the robe and get my scroll.

 Ahh by the way, I was lucky this time as the parking building behind DATC hall is completed so there were a lot of extra parking space. 

super late lunch time

We ended the day eating HUGE 'Kari Kepala Ikan' at Kayu Nasi Kandar in Damansara.

That evening I even went out with my colleague for a karaoke session (haha). And needless to say, I was so exhausted that night I collapsed as soon as body touched the bed. 

But it was an amazing day.
And the most important thing is that I'm Officially UiTM Alumni.
I'm so relieved!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ