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My Top Favourite Websites

Hey guys!
Since our lives nowadays are deeply entangled in the world wide web ('www'), there for sure some sites that we usually visits on daily basis (or weekly at least) for reading. 
So I decided to compile some list of websites that I love to visit not jut for entertainment, but sometimes for light informational reading. While some of them are just to satisfy my daily fangirl craving. Hahaha
MakeUseOf: Favourite 'Geeky' Technology Site
This site is great! They make reading such technical stuffs easier with simple charts, pictures etc. And they also do huge gadgets giveaways on frequent basis. I like to read their informational charts that I won't usually thought of to Google for, but at the same time very useful info. Like this one about JPEG, GIF and PNG: When To Use Each Kind of Image. They also write articles like 'Gifts to Buy for Photographer' or a more technical stuff like 'Two Ways Your ISP Is Spying On You and How To Be Safe'

Hypable: Favourite 'Fan Info' Site
This is the site where I satisfy my fan girl love on non kpop related stuffs like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and etc. This site is very up to date on new highly anticipated movies or books. And it's no secret they really love Harry Potter, just seeing on all their Harry Potter articles even when the movie and books already ended a few years ago. And they made Harry Potter quizzes too! One of my favourite Harry Potter articles on the site is the '7 Harry Potter Theories We Wish Had Come True' article. And not to forget this fun 'How to Order a Butterbeer at Starbucks' article!

HelloGiggles: Favourite 'Girl' Site
I think this site targets female readers based on the articles they wrote. But hey no complains here because this is one of the site that I will visit almost on daily basis. They not only writes about movies, television series and books (like Hypable but more towards female approach from what I saw), but they also write articles for self reflects, motivational posts, and sometimes have guest post sharing about things like depression etc. For example this guest writing on 'Choosing to Recover From Eating Disorder is Where My Life Began'. There is also this article 'Why It's (More Than) Okay To Go It Alone'. A feminist site, and a good one ;D

ThoughtCatalog: Favourite 'Emotion and Relationship' Site

I don't know what to call this one but  'Emotion and Relationship' site. My favourites articles on this site are usually about self empowerment, relationship advice, and usually things that relates with me personally. One of their article '18 Struggles of Having An Outgoing Personality But Actually Being Shy and Introverted' describes my self so accurately, it has become on of my favourite article to read. I also like their articles like '5 Things You Actually Mean To Say When You Say 'I Can't''. I like it because it makes me think on my actions and thoughts,and change it for the better.

Uporthy: Favourite 'Viral Issue' Site
Things featured here always goes viral and they need to. This site features stories that matter, and things that we need to be concerned about. Just like their slogan 'Things That Matter. Pass 'Em On'. While some things they features are contradicting with my own belief, but I think it's a very informational site where many important things on humanity are shared. Articles like 'When He Says, 'I'm A Human Being' I Tear Up Too' is the kind of articles that would open our eyes on things that matter. And these kind of articles reminds us on how lucky we are compared to some others.

They're some more sites that I usually go to, but those listed above are the one that I like the most.
Any of you have recommendation to other amazing sites, feel free to share with me in comment below.
Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. Thanks dear for all the information. Nak terjah lah satu satu. Nk baca :)


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