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The Thinker Belle 1st Giveaway: Birthday Giveaway!

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Hey guise !!

Yes!!! I'm finally hosting my first giveaway on this blog since I've collected some products in my giveaway stash now. At first I wasn't very sure when I should do this giveaway but since my bir…

Magic Jelly by L'Overa Review

Hello guys,

Aloe Vera or known as Lidah Buaya in Malay has many beneficial properties for the skin. My first memory of this plant actually came from my childhood which when I was in primary school. My school has a garden that have Aloe Vera plant and being kids, a lot of fellow students like to sn…

High End Beauty Products Wishlist 2015

Hey guys :)
I can't deny my obsession with beauty products especially makeups. As of 2014 I managed to get myself some high end (read: pricey) products that I've been dying to have. And of course my favourite from last year purchase is the Naked 3 palette! This 2015, I want to share a few…

How Do You Pamper Yourself?

Hey guys!

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So did you had a great time last weekend? What did you do? Well, I don't get to do fun stuffs much since I have a lot of work to do.  But I decided to give myself a short pampering session at the comfort of my home.

How do you usually pamper yourself? For me, I just recreate the best relaxation time for myself. My room filled with lit scented candle, wearing a face mask after a refreshing bath is just perfect for me. I sometimes make 'DIY' facial when I feel like it. My pampering session is never the same every time depending on how busy I am on that time. But for me, nothing feels better than taking a long bath and then laying on my bed reading novel while waiting for all the goodness from the mask to soak into my skin. And lastly, I will apply my favourite Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion which I'm in love with. That thing is such a miracle worker you know!

Top Favourite TV Series 2014

Hey guys :D

Last year I spent lots of time watching American TV Series which is a major shocker to me because I don't usually follow them as much as I did in 2014. The only series that I watched every episode till the end is Ugly Betty and Without A Trace. I wonder if its because my taste tow…

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