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High End Beauty Products Wishlist 2015

 Hey guys :)

I can't deny my obsession with beauty products especially makeups. As of 2014 I managed to get myself some high end (read: pricey) products that I've been dying to have. And of course my favourite from last year purchase is the Naked 3 palette! This 2015, I want to share a few other products that I have in mind to try out. I hope I'll be able to get everything in the list by the end of 2015. So wish me luck!

must have makeup for beauty junkie

1. NARS Blush in Orgasm 

The price for one blush does make me stop to think for quite sometimes now. But I decided that this year I'm going to get myself one. It has such pretty shade that makes all the rave about it is undeniably understandable.

2. Guerlain Meteorites Light Revealing Pearls of Powder 

All the reviews I read so far are positive. This is probably one thing that I'll find hard to decide whether to buy or not. The price is too high for a 25g product. But gosh, have you tried to swatch it on your hand? It just gorgeous!

3.  Too Face Chocolate Bar Palette

So far, I've been staying in 'safe zone' shade the most and I guess I just can't deny my love for it. I've been eyeing for it every time I went to Sephora. I just love how pigmented it is.

4. GlamGlow Supermud or Thirstymud

After trying out the sample, I just can't deny how great this product is. It's almost magical. No wonder it comes with such a high price tag. I guess I need to budget carefully so I won't end up eating cucumber everyday after buying it. LOL, just kidding! 

5. Benefit Majorette Blush

I am such a softie towards coral shade blush. Thinking carefully, most of my blushes collection are mostly in the shade that is more toward coral rather than pink or red. I think it complements my skin tone well. And since Malaysia is sunny all year, that's definitely a colour that won't be out of style.

6. A MAC Lipstick

I know a MAC lipstick is a must have in the beauty junkie stash. I've been going to MAC counters to swatch some shades but seriously with all the selection, I need some time to find my perfect one. But yeah, it is definitely going into my lipstick drawer this year ;D

7. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

I've heard lots of rave on this product and my friends even recommend it to me. I think it's time to try it because I've been getting such a bad dark circles that some concealer don't really work.

8. Naked On The Run Palette

I'm having a hard time to decide if this will actually worth my money. I'm not really a lip gloss person so I might not like the lip gloss that comes with it. But the shades for the eyeshadow are so pretty. I'm still weighing the pros and cons but I might as well add this to the list for now. Hahaha!

It would be impossible to get everything in a blink unless I suddenly get a inheritance from a distant family ;P *in my dreams*. But yeah, I'm going to slowly save my money to get those babies. Well, I'm pretty sure my list will grow more in months to come since I'm a beauty junkie after all. Do you have any particular high end product that you love to bits? Share them with me!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. I think GlamGlow is on nearly every girl's wishlist. I tried the sample too and I was like damn, I need this.. but my wallet was like, damn gurl, stop spending!

    1. i'm so tempted every time i went to sephora. its just excruciatingly depressing. lol


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