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Recipe: Healthy Iftar & Daily Menu with Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur

This is pretty late but I have some story to share from last fasting month. We all know that Ramadhan can be tricky. Muslim fast to understand the suffering of the less fortunate people while helping to cleanse our body and make it healthier, but sometimes that can be very hard to achieve due to the bazaar popping up everywhere. I mean Malaysia is undeniably a food heaven and we have been confirming the fact over and over again!

Experiencing Tao Chinese Cuisine's Wedding Lunch with InterContinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

One of the best thing about being a Malaysian is the opportunity to experience the cultural diversity we have in this country; be it foods, traditions or languages. It's these things that makes Malaysia so colourful and interesting in our own unique way. If we just can fully embrace the differences that we we have, I bet this world would be a better place to live in. I have always been interested in culture and history, so when I was invited by the InterContinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (last year actually but I totally forgot to share about this one, sigh) to attend and experience a mock Chinese wedding and dining ceremony, it didn't take me long to say yes.

Travel Throwback: Seoul Bound.

*This post was written during the journey for personal journal purpose but it took me a long time to post.  LOL Sorry for the bad grammar & pictures. I didn't proof read this;)

I am finally flying off to the land I have been wanting to step my feet on since for like; forever. Seoul, South Korea. I am not believing it. Not now, not yet.

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