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Travel Throwback: Seoul Bound.

*This post was written during the journey for personal journal purpose but it took me a long time to post.  LOL Sorry for the bad grammar & pictures. I didn't proof read this;)

I am finally flying off to the land I have been wanting to step my feet on since for like; forever. Seoul, South Korea. I am not believing it. Not now, not yet.

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I was really fine during check in but as soon as the Air Asia D7506 stopped touching the ground, an overwhelming and exhilarating feeling started to consume me. Not because I was afraid or scared of my first International flight ride ever, but I was so emotional. Realizing that I am Insyallah going to tick off some of my life bucket lists in the next 5 days is making my body feel all fuzzy and happy. A bit panicky too. I mean what if the Korea that I have been seeing through camera lenses was totally a different interpretation of the place? This might be the silly side of me talking but I think lowering my expectation a bit might help in making this journey better. Funny right?

It is now 4AM in the morning (Malaysia time) and I just woke up feeling a bit chilly and its time to take my cough medicine again. I have been a bit unwell since the last week, my asthma attack decided to do their annual visit right before such a big life event. You have no idea how stressed and freaked out I was thinking that I might not be fit and healthy enough for this journey. Thankfully, everything subdued just in time for flight.

I managed to dozed off for just about an hour; but not after trying a bunch of different sleeping position just to get my self comfortable. It was not that easy with all this coughing yet the happiness short lived. A neighbouring passanger accidentally bumped onto my seat and startled me, so the desire to continue just left. Both my mind and body are all pretty refreshed now. Plus, the meal time is coming pretty soon too. I didn't manage to eat so much earlier during the day so I am kind of starving now.

After leaving for the washroom to settle my bodily needs, I came back to my 11A seat and saw one of the most beautiful thing ever. The starry sky on a completely dark night started to show itself to me through the window. The longer I stare, more of the far away twinkles started to be more visible. It might sound too cliche but this made me rethink of a lot of things. It's kind of hilarious. I always question a traveller's melancholy everytime I read about them in novels. I was not into believing the idea. I guess at that time, I was indeed just a clueless young adult.

Not wanting to forget such precious thought made me start writing this travel journal on phone. I mean, this would definitely be fun to read again in the future. I am still undecided whether to post this up on my blog or just make this a personal keepsake. Well, I guess I will see how emotional I get in this trip before I decide if its suitable for public viewing or not.

The flight caption just made a 'seatbelt on' announcement to everyone since we are currently facing a slight turbulence due to the restless weather. So far the shaking is pretty minimal. I hope we will stay safe and arrive in Incheon International Airport without any incident.

4.30 AM
Now the morning skyline is starting to be visible. It's just so beautiful!

Okay, writing this is actually making me overly emotional now. I am finally seeing the clouds from high above and I think I might cry. It's so serene and beautiful! There is also a slight intimidation. I am such a small and powerless being against this majesticness of Allah's creation. Seeing the plane's turbine outside is also making things extra cool (and feel real). I mean, what other way to remind me that I am indeed currently up and high in the sky!

The cabin crew has started to warm up out foods for the past few minutes so I am totally awake and back to my excited mode now. Hope I am not showing them too much. Need to keep calm and be a composed adult too! I mean it won't be cool to be too ecstatic right?

The day is getting brighter too! All the fluffy clouds are making me crave for the cotton candy. Silly right? I wonder if how they look from down there is the same from up here too?

Okay, they are distributing the foods and my meal is finally here. I am so famished so I am going to dig into the famous Air Asia Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak now. Based on the captain estimation a few minutes back, we are going to touch the Seoul ground in about 2 hours and 40 minutes. I will be going to Althea Korea office straight away from the airport after that so I will update the part two of Anis wonderlust in Seoul soon!

Meanwhile, 잘 먹겠습니다 jal mokkesemnida! I will eat well!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. You look cute! Lovely photos ◡‿◡✿

    Do you wanna follow each other via GFC or Bloglovin? Lemme know ♥
    * Yadah Vitalizing Mask Pack *

    1. Hello Gabrielle, thank you for dropping by! I've followed you ;)

  2. Hi.. 1st time ke korea travel alone ke???
    Seriously mmg best korea kann.. Sekali pergi x cukup. Hahaa

    1. Pergi and stay dengan colleague tapi diorang kerja. I sorang je amik cuti jalan-jalan. Kira sorang lah tapi ada kawan-kawan kat sana tlg show around ^^ Sorang pun tak sorang mana.


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