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1028 Visual Therapy: Brownie Inspired Look Tutorial 🎂

Folks who love doing makeup know that the idea of creating different looks while getting inspirations from our daily lives is something that would bring endless possibilities and surprises. With that in mind, I've been wanting to try to come out with a makeup look that uses a particular theme as a guide and I thought that 'desserts' would be a fun angle to start. So, here is my attempt at doing a 'Brownie' 🎂 inspired makeup look in collaboration with a brand called 1028 Visual Therapy.

Raya Ready 💓 with Dettol & Air Wick!

Happy Ramadan Mubarak 💓 I hope this month is filled with blessing for each and every one of you. I bet everyone is already excited to prepare for the upcoming Raya too. Of course, I am as excited as you are and I've already started to plan the celebration with my family. Ours doesn't really go crazy over buying new home decor every year for Raya but my mum always makes sure our house is all cleaned and fresh on that happy day. The living space has to be looking good and smelling good in order to receive all of the visits from our family and friends right?

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