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Raya Ready 💓 with Dettol & Air Wick!

Happy Ramadan Mubarak 💓 I hope this month is filled with blessing for each and every one of you. I bet everyone is already excited to prepare for the upcoming Raya too. Of course, I am as excited as you are and I've already started to plan the celebration with my family. Ours doesn't really go crazy over buying new home decor every year for Raya but my mum always makes sure our house is all cleaned and fresh on that happy day. The living space has to be looking good and smelling good in order to receive all of the visits from our family and friends right?

Thanks to Dettol and Air Wick who sent me some of their products, I will be able to make my mum smile brighter this year. We now have the Air Wick Freshmatic Auto Spray all ready to make our house smells great all the time, and you know what is the best part? It's all automatic! No more headache of having to spray the room manually every time (especially after all the Raya cook off) as the Air Wick Life Scent will spritz out all the scented goodness on a timely basis! You can even set the timer on how often you want the freshener to be sprayed out.

A house that smells good won't mean anything if it's filled with germs. Thanks to Dettol, I also have the Dettol Original Anti-Bacterial PH Balanced Handwash and the Dettol Foaming Hand Wash (Rose & Cherry) to put near the kitchen sink all-ready when we need them. Cleanliness starts from habit and having a clean (and germs free) hands during cooking is very important! We don't want to make a trip to the toilet every five minutes during Raya due to contamination right?

Of course, I'll be stocking up other Dettol and Air Wick must-have items as well. For example, the Dettol Anti Septic Liquid This is a crucial item to have at home when it comes to cleaning the house. Time to sanitise all the nasties and germs that have been growing all over! 

Special announcement: Throughout May and June 2017, just spend RM25 and above on Dettol and/or Air Wick products in a single receipt, and you'll get to redeem an exclusive cookie container to store all your favourite Raya cookies in. They have four different colours available, so make sure to redeem them quick! Available at major pharmacies, hypermarket and supermarket in Malaysia. 

Note: I was supposed to publish this early this month but I got hospitalised due to a surgery 😅so it's been so delayed so do bear with the wrong timing in the post but since you can still get the promo, make sure not to miss them out! *giggles*

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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