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Orkid Cosmetics Matte Suede Creamy Liquid Lipsticks πŸ’„ Review

I've been into the matte lipsticks game lately thanks to the influence of my colleague/friend Sydney so my stash has been growing considerably fast in these past few months. Of course, that doesn't stop me from trying out more because there is no such thing as 'too many lipsticks'. I am still in the quest of finding the best of out of the bests and to be honest to choose one as the winner now is becoming a really difficult thing to do. There so many good liquid lipstick brands out there that I am totally in love with at the moment!

Wanderlust Things Unicorn πŸ¦„ Eye Makeup Brushes Review

Every beauty lovers need their magic wands and so do I. Of course, it cost no harm to have it extra fancy; or in my case having them looking like they are made of high-grade unicorn horn. πŸ˜‚ The Wanderlust Things, an online store for everything unique and quirky offers exactly what I want, and the best part? There is no unicorn harmed during the making. πŸ¦„ I have been eyeing them for quite awhile and fortunately, during the last Butterfly πŸ¦‹ Project party, Wanderlust Things decided to be one of the sponsors for the goody bag! 

How to Book the ETS Train πŸš… : KL-Ipoh Team Bonding Trip Pt 1

One of the best things about working in Althea is being a part of a fun, and slightly crazy bunch who knows how to wind down and de-stress when it's needed. Our boss/Mamasan Tammy loves planning 'trips and surprises' for us so with the monthly team bonding budget provided by the company, she will often be seen scouring for the best buffet deals available in Kuala Lumpur so she can bring us 'eat our hearts out' or searching for awesome staycation promo to let us have a fun weekend gateway together.

Unboxing 🎁 Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Goodies!

Hello, friends! I know this is an old story and it's been two months since the Butterfly Project 4th Birthday, but I still want to take this chance to write and show you the awesome goodies that I received that day. If you read my previous 1028 post, you'll notice that I mentioned something about hospital and surgery. My life has been slightly out of order since June because I was suddenly hospitalised due to perforated appendicitis (meaning my appendix kinda 'burst', LOL) and all I did for the past months was focusing on getting back in shape. Now that I got some free time to go through the products again, I managed to do a quick unboxing 🎁video on my Youtube channel. You can watch it here:

Chir Chir πŸ” Fusion Korean Fried Chicken πŸ—, Pavilion Elite KL Review

Annyeong, friends! I'm taking forever to finish up this review. Since my last visit to the Chir Chir Fusion Korean Fried Chicken's first Malaysia outlet in Pavilion Elite, my life had been a little chaotic (eg: sudden hospital visit, surgery etc). Anyways, I'm back and it's time for me to share my thoughts about this new hip place in town for Korean fried chicken lovers! πŸ—Warning: this post may trigger unnecessary hunger and writer is not responsible for any of your late night (or daylight) binge eating. πŸ˜‚

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