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Wanderlust Things Unicorn 🦄 Eye Makeup Brushes Review

Every beauty lovers need their magic wands and so do I. Of course, it cost no harm to have it extra fancy; or in my case having them looking like they are made of high-grade unicorn horn. 😂 The Wanderlust Things, an online store for everything unique and quirky offers exactly what I want, and the best part? There is no unicorn harmed during the making. 🦄 I have been eyeing them for quite awhile and fortunately, during the last Butterfly 🦋 Project party, Wanderlust Things decided to be one of the sponsors for the goody bag! 

The store offers three types of unicorn makeup brushes; the face makeup brushes (5 pieces), the eye makeup brushes (10 pieces) and the rose gold unicorn makeup brushes (10 pieces). In my goody bag, I received the 10 pieces eye makeup brushes set in a lovely purple coloured handle. After trying them for a few times, now its time for me to share what I thought about these babies! Without further ado, let's go through them one by one.

A. Short Eyeshadow Brush

This eyeshadow brush, let me call it brush A has a pretty packed and firm short bristle that is perfect for applying and blending the eyeshadow, especially along the lash lines. It picks up considerably a lot of product and I sometimes use it to apply concealer on hard to reach areas.

B. Angled Blending Brush

This blending brush is great to use for blending the outer corner of your eyelids for that smokey eye look. It picks up a moderate amount of product and since the bristle is less packed, it doesn't move too much product around as you blend them.

C. Flat Eyeshadow Brush

This flat eyeshadow brush is wide and thin and slightly dense. You can use it in a various way, sometimes to fill in the eyebrow. I find it best to be used as nose contour applicator due to its thin straight shape and since it didn't pick up too much product it is just fine for contouring the bridge of my nose.

D. Angled Stifling Brush

This stifling brush is more packed and denser than the other stifling brush in the set. It's angled flat top makes it a perfect tool for eye contouring, making it's easy to sweep along the socket of the eyes while picking up just the right amount of product.

E. Fluffy Stifling Brush

This is a less dense and more fluffy version of the stifling brush in D. I use this to blend the eye contour and inner corner of the eyes further to get a more natural look. Love how soft it feels on the eyelids!

F. Round Blending Brush

This round blending brush has a more packed bristle compared to (B) which means it tends to pick more product up. This is one of my favourite brush out of the bunch, due to multiple use nature. I can solely use this to apply and eyeshadows on a simple look days (up to 2 shades as it won't ruin the colour even if it got mixed up) and also as a concealer brush on a harder to reach areas due to its rounded tip.

G. Eyeliner/Eyebrow/Angled Shadow Brush

Also an important brush, this angled flat brush is perfect to be used as a gel eyeliner applicator. It's thin tip helps me to achieve a precise look. I also use this to draw my eye brow and as angled eye shadow applicator. This brush is definitely one of the top best three from the set.

H. Fluffy Blending Brush

This soft and fully, medium-sized rounded (dome-like) top brush is perfect to blend your eye makeup. Its bristle don't pick up too much product making it perfect as a practice brush for newbie learning how to apply base eye shadow as well.

I. Medium Eyeshadow Brush

This eye brush is one that I always find myself reaching out to. I love the density of the brush, the packed bristle is perfect to be used as a stamping brush. It picks up products well and I love using this to apply the eye shadow base colour.

J. Flat Blending Brush

This blending brush is soft and fluffy as well and comes with a flat top which is nice to use for blending on cream eyeshadow. I also like to use to apply natural looking highlights on the bridge of my nose, top arch of the eyebrows and on top of my lips cupid bow.

I just love these brushes from their cute look to how they work! The synthetic bristle is not overly stiff and I also love how light they weight which means I can bring them everywhere I need. 💓 The price is also affordable costing just RM89 for 10 pieces of eye shadow brush. As of now, I am busy checking out Wanderlust Things website, drooling over other pretty stuffs that I might ending up purchasing soon. Like these babies:

For more information visit Wanderlust Things website of their Facebook page on or Instagram @wanderlustthings

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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