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Of Super Junior Comeback 2017: Play πŸ’™

*I do not own the image above. via: super junior*

Annyeong, friends! It's been awhile since I last posted this kind of blog post so some of you might have never seen me sharing about them before. Although I am focusing my blog on beauty niche lately, this space has always been my personal space to share about everything I love, including fangirling moments. Anyway yeah, long and behold, my favourite people 'Super Junior' is now back with a new album! Gosh, can't believe I'm fangirling at this age but yeah, you gotta love what you love no matter how old you are 😜 By the way, I've decided to share updates about their comeback in this one post and update it from time to time as a tracking purpose. I just love reading all my 'old' fangirling posts from years ago and I think I should keep it up. *giggles* I'm pinning this post up at the moment, if you are looking for the latest post, do check the posts below  😘

FromNature Sparkling Effect Hyaluronic Aqua πŸ’¦ Mask Review

From Nature Mask Review and Price

Hello, friends! I'm back with another mask review and in this post, I'm going to share about the Sparkling Effect Hyaluronic Aqua Mask from a Korean brand called FromNature ν”„λŸΌλ„€μ΄μ²˜. I received this masks along with another product which is the FromNature's Age Essence Treatment Essence 95.7% which I'm currently still trying & will be sharing about once I'm ready! For today, I'll be focusing on this mask solely because you know how much I'm obsessed with them #maskmania. πŸ’•

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