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Of Super Junior Comeback 2017: Play πŸ’™

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Annyeong, friends! It's been awhile since I last posted this kind of blog post so some of you might have never seen me sharing about them before. Although I am focusing my blog on beauty niche lately, this space has always been my personal space to share about everything I love, including fangirling moments. Anyway yeah, long and behold, my favourite people 'Super Junior' is now back with a new album! Gosh, can't believe I'm fangirling at this age but yeah, you gotta love what you love no matter how old you are 😜 By the way, I've decided to share updates about their comeback in this one post and update it from time to time as a tracking purpose. I just love reading all my 'old' fangirling posts from years ago and I think I should keep it up. *giggles* I'm pinning this post up at the moment, if you are looking for the latest post, do check the posts below  😘

| Super Junior Play MV Release Schedule Date |
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Super Junior One More Chance (λΉ„μ²˜λŸΌ κ°€μ§€λ§ˆμš”) 

30 October 2017 | Okay, anyway, although the official comeback date is not yet here, they've just pre-released a song for us! They dropped a teaser first and just a few hours after I saw Lee Donghae in that glorious few seconds clip, the Super Junior One More Chance MV is released! It's been roughly 2 hours since the music video was released (and as I'm writing this) & we're already reaching half a million views πŸ’™

Fangirl Rants & Other Stuffs:
1. This is not the title track, the title track is called Black Suit and will be released at a later date
2. This song titled Once More Chance λΉ„μ²˜λŸΌ κ°€μ§€λ§ˆμš” is co-written and co-composed by Lee Donghae.
3. You might not survive watching the MV. Please get your 'heart attack meds' ready LOL
4. I am supposed to be sleeping since I have work tomorrow, but then, priorities.
5. The aesthetic, OMG the aesthetic!

| I'm still freaking out at all the insta-worthy scenes |

| Kim Heechul, I wonder if this guy ever age? |

| Brb, resurrecting myself |
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Super Junior 8th Album: Play Tracklist

|Tracklist via superjunior.labelsj|
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31 October 2017 | They just released the tracklist for their 8th Album Play! OMG isn't this exciting? I've been spending the whole day trying to stream One More Chance & we're reaching 3 million views now in just one day!! So proud of my fellow ELF. So there are 10 songs featured in this new album according to what's posted by SJ Label. Time to place my preorder album now *giggles*

Album info: 10 songs, 2 version (Black Suit version & One More Chance version)
Comeback date: 6th November 2017 (Super Junior 12th Anniversary!!)

Super Junior Album Play: Black Suit MV Teaser 1

1 November 2017 | The first Black Suit teaser was released earlier today while I was at work. I was hoping they'll release it midnight time like how they did for Once More Chance but turned out it was at a different time. Have you guys seen the teaser? OMG! It has a Mamacita vibes to it since they're giving each member a persona. Although I do hope the naming can be better because who the heck named 'The Security' LOL! Still, I'm hella excited for the comeback! Feels like this week has been passing by extra slow. Btw, One More Chance MV views passed the 4million mark today!

Super Junior 8th Album Version: Black Suit & One More Chance

|Information via superjunior.labelsj|
*I do not own the images above *

Anyway, more information about the album has been released too! According to superjunior.labelsj Instagram, there will be two versions of the album; Black Suit and One More Chance. I'm super loving the design and this time the One More Chance version will have different CD design printed on (with member's picture). Honestly, their marketing team is a genius. Since we can't even choose, fans will have to keep buying to get their favourite member. HAHAHHA. Not that I mind, I would be glad to receive any of the member's version for myself. Planning to get both version of the album, so guess who'll be broke this month? πŸ˜‚

Super Junior Album Play: Black Suit MV Teaser 2

2 November 2017 | Guess who suffered from trying to contain her excitement today? Me!!! OMG the music video teaser 2 came out when I was in office (again) & I just went crazyyyy. A piece of me died and went to heaven cause it sounds so good. I totally approve the beat. Super exciting!! 😍 I need the full music video to come out ASAP. Ahhh~ this feels nice, all this fangirling makes me feel younger LOL #forever21.

Anyway, I also came across an article saying that Kyuhyun was able to sing in two of the songs featured on this album; Girlfriend & Too Late! I was mentally dancing around when I read that (mentally because I am trying to be a mature working adult HAHAHHA). At least can hear his voice that I've been missing dearly πŸ˜‚ It's been just a few months since his military duty start and I feel like it's been an eternity LOL. Another exciting thing to look forward to is their variety show schedule! That's always one of my favourite part of their comeback. So far, I know that they are guesting for Knowing Brothers, Weekly Idol, Hello Counselor, Life Bar and SNL Korea. I also came across this super useful guide for comeback support for International ELF. Read on how you can help making this comeback successful!

Come back tomorrow, I update daily! Visiting ELF? Don't forget to say hi, would love to connect with more people. 

Till next post, toodles~! ♥γƒŸ


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