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Such a bad day..

Yesterday.. I was like so happy.. Today.. I'm having a very bad day,, Haha.. Because my asthma is attacking again.. and this time a little bad.. I went to the hospital dis morning.. N i got mc for tomorrow.. so i guess i'm going back to college late lahh.. huhu.. 

Im Happy !!

Today.. I feel very happy.. Apart from the fact that im having a very bad flu.. :( Haha... As today is my birthday ^^ So i went to MidValley to meet Yana +Alif **today is Alif's birthday too!! Yana treat us lunch at the Domino's Pizza Then we went for a walk and photo snapping session.. At…

Special 4 You,Special For Me Too!!!

Today is a very special day for you Thus it is special for me too Wishing you a very wonderful 19 years old life
May you have a blissful and happy year May you find and achieve every thing you longed for May you succeed in everything …

iM taGGing yOu!!

Firstly , thanks yana for tagging me :D

Rules: once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tag.

25 random things about me :
1.  i had my first crush when i was in standard four..
2.  i love …

I want to go..

Super Junior How I Love Them.. They are coming to Malaysia.. But i cant go.. Because.. Some people wont let me.. Im sad.. I dont even dare to ask them.. Because i know there wont be any chance at all.. Im sad Really sad..


Aku benci bila semua yang dibuat x kena.. Aku x tentu arah bila dibuat begitu.. Tolonglah paham.. Aku bukan buat bende x elok.. Aku buat benda ak suka Aku bukan x buat apa2 langsung Setiap kali.. Nampak saja kesalahan aku.. Tapi..benda bagus.. Satu pon x nampak.. Mungkin ak salah.. Mungkin ak degi…

MoMMy's BAcK!!

Seems like years since my last update.. Rindu sangatt !! A lot has happen.. So to make it up.. i'll just postsome pics.. (^_____________^)v ~anis~

New Year!!

New resolution..
It doestnt really mean anything to me now..
Everything is just not right..

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