January 31, 2010

Such a bad day..

I was like so happy..
I'm having a very bad day,,
Because my asthma is attacking again..
and this time a little bad..
I went to the hospital dis morning..
N i got mc for tomorrow..
so i guess i'm going back to college late lahh..


January 30, 2010

Im Happy !!

Today.. I feel very happy..
Apart from the fact that im having a very bad flu.. :(
As today is my birthday ^^
So i went to MidValley to meet Yana +Alif
**today is Alif's birthday too!!
Yana treat us lunch at the Domino's Pizza
Then we went for a walk and photo snapping session..
At Tugu Negara and Lake Garden..
Now..as im typing this..
I am at yana's house
Because we are going out again tonight for dinner
Alif will be there tooo
This time it is my turn to treat them..
So..thats why
I dont feel too weak
I have a running nose, sore throat and coughing all day
Its because i'm happy
But i feel a little sad too..
Some people who is important to me seems to be forgetting my special day
Last but not least..
thanks for those who wished me..


January 27, 2010

Special 4 You,Special For Me Too!!!


Today is a very special day for you
Thus it is special for me too
Wishing you a very wonderful 19 years old life

May you have a blissful and happy year
May you find and achieve every thing you longed for
May you succeed in everything you do
May you find someone who loves you just the way are
May you fall in love to someone who deserve you
May you gain a lots of love from people around you
May you find the true meaning of life
May you have the courage to face every obstacles in life
May you always be happy every single day and every single moment

I have a lot to say
Much..much.. a lot than usual^^
But if I list down all the thought im having now
Maybe it wont finish at all

What I really want to say is



January 26, 2010

iM taGGing yOu!!

Firstly , thanks yana for tagging me :D

Rules: once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tag.

25 random things about me :

1.  i had my first crush when i was in standard four..

2.  i love cooking but i hate washing all the dishes after that..hihi ^^

3.  liyana zainal is one of the best thing that ever happen to me.. xoxoxoxo

4. i am a big fan of Super Junior and Korean Drama

5. History is my number 1 favourite subject  but Additional Math is the least (Sorry teacher ^^)

6. I can talk so much without feeling tired..haha..coz i hate awkward moment

7. My dad number 1 dream since i was a child is wanting to see me as a minister one day..LOL :P

8. I have a tendency to like someone for a very long time..ahaha..i think this is my number one weakness

9. I have a ton of collection of comics and Korean CD's even though my parent hate it actually.. my bad..

10. I am very stubborn.. the ninth point proves this.

11.  This is actually hard to admit..but i sometimes can be very egoistic..

12. I hate losing.. Especially when the thing i said is absolutely right.

13. My life when I was fifteen is actually is the most perfect time ever..

14. I tend to lose my spirit when i feel weak or defeated or when im not being the best..especially nowadays

15. The thing that i regret most in my life is when i decided to ignore my 4 years dream to study in MRSM    Langkawi as my parent didn't agree  on it.. T___T    

16. I think the hurt that i will remember forever is during the time i get scolded by my mak long on  something that was not my fault especially when its on  the night of Hari Raya Korban in  2005. 

17. I secretly wish that i have an older brother !!!

18. I dont know how to pronounce 'lingerie'  correctly until i was in Form 4.. Credits for Nana LDP who tought me...

19. Im  afraid of being in crowd alone especially when there is a lot of the opposite gender.

20. I must eat 'nasi' at least once a day.. hahaha..

21. I dont like something that is too chocolatishhhh eg. dark chocolate, or chocolate cake.     

22. I am really bad in waking up early.. ^___^

23. I hate ghost story.. Thank God my brothers hate it too...

24. Till now, i actually cannot determine my favourite colour.

25. I get sick 5 times more often than other human being...

26. I want to give one extra fact.. i am very addicted to day dreaming..hahaha        

Who i like to tag??

1. Moon
2. Bell
3. Echa
4. Ayun
5. Fana
6. Aten
7. Sha
8. Shazea
9. Mya
10. Syida

January 24, 2010

I want to go..

Super Junior
How I Love Them..
They are coming to Malaysia..
But i cant go..
Some people wont let me..
Im sad..
I dont even dare to ask them..
Because i know there wont be any chance at all..
Im sad
Really sad..


Aku benci bila semua yang dibuat x kena..
Aku x tentu arah bila dibuat begitu..
Tolonglah paham..
Aku bukan buat bende x elok..
Aku buat benda ak suka
Aku bukan x buat apa2 langsung
Setiap kali..
Nampak saja kesalahan aku..
Tapi..benda bagus..
Satu pon x nampak..
Mungkin ak salah..
Mungkin ak degil..
Tapi tolongla adil..
Aku x bole..
Dia bole..
Aku macm tu..
Dia macam ni..
Aku tu..
Aku ini..
Aku bosan..
When i sit there..
Its all wrong..
Then i go n sit at the other place..
Still wrong..
Aku x suka diarah..
Aku suka buat sendiri..
Aku memang ego..
Tapi thats the only way to stop people from hurting me..
Aku makin hilang arah..
I'm lost..
The direction..
Im losing it..
I hate myself for being such a failure..
My life is turning upside down..
I dont have faith in myself anymore..
Can i do this??
Its just all bullshit!!

January 18, 2010

MoMMy's BAcK!!

Seems like years since my last update..
Rindu sangatt !!
A lot has happen..
So to make it up..
i'll just postsome pics..

January 01, 2010

New Year!!

New year..new life..new resolution..
It doestnt really mean anything to me now..
Everything is just not right..