January 30, 2010

Im Happy !!

Today.. I feel very happy..
Apart from the fact that im having a very bad flu.. :(
As today is my birthday ^^
So i went to MidValley to meet Yana +Alif
**today is Alif's birthday too!!
Yana treat us lunch at the Domino's Pizza
Then we went for a walk and photo snapping session..
At Tugu Negara and Lake Garden..
Now..as im typing this..
I am at yana's house
Because we are going out again tonight for dinner
Alif will be there tooo
This time it is my turn to treat them..
So..thats why
I dont feel too weak
I have a running nose, sore throat and coughing all day
Its because i'm happy
But i feel a little sad too..
Some people who is important to me seems to be forgetting my special day
Last but not least..
thanks for those who wished me..