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iM taGGing yOu!!

Firstly , thanks yana for tagging me :D

Rules: once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tag.

25 random things about me :

1.  i had my first crush when i was in standard four..

2.  i love cooking but i hate washing all the dishes after that..hihi ^^

3.  liyana zainal is one of the best thing that ever happen to me.. xoxoxoxo

4. i am a big fan of Super Junior and Korean Drama

5. History is my number 1 favourite subject  but Additional Math is the least (Sorry teacher ^^)

6. I can talk so much without feeling tired..haha..coz i hate awkward moment

7. My dad number 1 dream since i was a child is wanting to see me as a minister one day..LOL :P

8. I have a tendency to like someone for a very long time..ahaha..i think this is my number one weakness

9. I have a ton of collection of comics and Korean CD's even though my parent hate it actually.. my bad..

10. I am very stubborn.. the ninth point proves this.

11.  This is actually hard to admit..but i sometimes can be very egoistic..

12. I hate losing.. Especially when the thing i said is absolutely right.

13. My life when I was fifteen is actually is the most perfect time ever..

14. I tend to lose my spirit when i feel weak or defeated or when im not being the best..especially nowadays

15. The thing that i regret most in my life is when i decided to ignore my 4 years dream to study in MRSM    Langkawi as my parent didn't agree  on it.. T___T    

16. I think the hurt that i will remember forever is during the time i get scolded by my mak long on  something that was not my fault especially when its on  the night of Hari Raya Korban in  2005. 

17. I secretly wish that i have an older brother !!!

18. I dont know how to pronounce 'lingerie'  correctly until i was in Form 4.. Credits for Nana LDP who tought me...

19. Im  afraid of being in crowd alone especially when there is a lot of the opposite gender.

20. I must eat 'nasi' at least once a day.. hahaha..

21. I dont like something that is too chocolatishhhh eg. dark chocolate, or chocolate cake.     

22. I am really bad in waking up early.. ^___^

23. I hate ghost story.. Thank God my brothers hate it too...

24. Till now, i actually cannot determine my favourite colour.

25. I get sick 5 times more often than other human being...

26. I want to give one extra fact.. i am very addicted to day dreaming..hahaha        

Who i like to tag??

1. Moon
2. Bell
3. Echa
4. Ayun
5. Fana
6. Aten
7. Sha
8. Shazea
9. Mya
10. Syida


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