Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

fan war?never occured in my mind

annyeong everyone!!

i'm back again
well..i didn't post anything yesterday
because i don't feel like writing anything
but actually..
i have a lot to usual

what with the post tittle?
don't worry~no one get killed
it just a war between ELFs and Suju Anti's

I've heard about this before
But i never thought that it was this bad
You see,
It started yesterday when someone say BAD things to our oppas

I was damn mad
that i would curse bad words
but thank God
ELF had vowed before this
that we won't show bad manners towards others

So, we don't fight back with words
Instead we launch one more trending topic on twitter
It's #protectsuperjunior

But, things get worst
All those antis start hacking and spamming around in the boys Baidu Bar
(Baidu Bar is kinda of a fan online cafe)
They posted scary images etc.
Sigh~thank god things has cooled down

One more thing!
This is an amazing power of worldwide ELFs!
Yesterday, Suju rating on Soribada had dropped under 5
But, within an hour (if i'm not mistaken..)
We're up ,back to 1 in no time~

Ahh..ELFs is indeed something to be proud of!
And one more thing
Because Super Junior Kangin
Is going to serve in military had decided on a project
It's a video message from elf, worldwide!!!

I've submit my application form
Hopefully i'll be chosen to join
Anyway, anyone interested?
Just click on the promotional banner i've posted
The one with 'For Kangin From ELF'

Last but not least
I've wrote some dedication message for Super Junior
It's on forum

Feel free to read it!and comment~
Here is the link
"A Heart From An ELF"
Actually, it is my first time trying things like this
I hope ELFs will like it..giggles
Well...i've decided to sharpen my writing skill

That's all for now..


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