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BlackBerry Torch 9800 & Celcom Exec 50 = ♥♥♥

I have so many things that I like, so many things that I want, so many things that I hope for.
People call me weepy girl, sometimes comics lover and a little of a shopaholic.

If there are 3 names that suit me the most!
It will definitely be;
                ♥ a movie maniac 
                ♥ girl with kpop obsession syndrome 
                ♥ the social networkers..haha!

And all of those three names makes me a gadget freak.
This might sound so weird and a little sad perhaps.
Yes! But, I am a penniless gadget freak! -_____-"
I am so in love with nowadays technologies! ♥ 
With all of the new stuffs I can do all the things listed above.

Watching movies? Listening to KPOP songs? Surfing the internet?
That will be no problem at all~ with a little help from something called..

Brand new lappy, latest handphone and music player!
I always love the smells of new gadgets..**weird**  haha (^__<)v

But the most important part is, how much I wanted the new stuff..
I have no money to buy it~~
Sigh~ life might sucks at times but there will always be chances and hope!
Not to forget~ some miracle!! ^^

For a jobless student like me, getting new stuffs seems like an impossible dream
And with that in mind, today I lazily surf the net, update my blog and then suddenly!

Puff !!
Attention to all Nuffnangers! 
Celcom is giving away a new BlackBerry Torch 9800!

I was like

.............?............?........? What??!!!
No way!! Is this true?!!
BlackBerry Torch 9800!? 
That is the one thing that I have been itching for since I first saw the advertisment before!

So I scrolled down and read the term and condition.
So,, tadaa!
Here I am babbling nonsense about this..with one thing in my mind..

Bwahaha! I will definitely going to have this!
Did you guys saw the video? It's awesome right?

I definitely would be able to do all the 3 things I love most with this one amazingly tiny cute dazzling shiny thing!

And more interesting part!
*drum rolls~~~*

♡ blackberry says: multimedia? no worries! with memory expendable till 32GB. 
we rock your entertainment world!
♥ anis says: hahaha! can listen to kpop songs till my eardrums explode!

♡ blackberry says: with variety of photo modes and features, capture your best moments with us!
♥ anis says: cam-whoring? no big deal! (^3^)v

♡ blackberry says: update your social networking site such as Facebook and Twitter as easy as 123!
♥ anis says: now i won't sleep in class anymore..haha!

♡ blackberry says: multi-tasking and easier internet browsing! open multiple tab and bookmark your favourite site! now you have the whole world on the tip of your finger!
♥ anis says: *throws confetti* *dancing hulla* ~nothing is better :3

♡ celcom exec says: 15 sens rate to any number? discount every month? free celcom broadband basic plan for a month? talk more save more? low monthly commitment as low as RM 50? people says no way? we say yes!
♥ anis says: is this a miracle? celcom exec is my fairy godmother

♡ blackberry says: first 100 customer? free jabra bluetooth headset jabra cliper! free 8GB micro SD card!
free energizer portable!
♥ anis says: free stuffs?! me likey!

♡ celcom exec says: register now with celcom! join us at the launching on 29 october 2010!
 Malaysia no 1 blackberry provider! we give you the fastest, widest and clearest mobile network!
♥ anis says: come on and register guys! register !

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