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Magic of Music and Art

This is so awesome, an orchestra is playing mixed of KPOP songs!

Lucifer(SHINee)→ Bonamana(Super Junior)→ 만만하니(U-Kiss)→
너 때문에 미쳐 (T-ara)→ Shock(Beast)→ 하루하루(Big Bang)
→ 바래(F.T. Island)→ 2 Different Tears(Wonder Girls)→ Mystery(BEAST)→ → Huh(4Minute)→ Bo Peep Bo Peep(T-ara) → Because I am a Girl(Kiss)→ 죽어도못보내(2AM)→I believe(동방신기)→Gee(소녀시대)

Love it all!


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