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day two: everlasting ♥

it's only been approximately 1 hour and 54 minutes since the second day started and here i am again, typing excitedly. current mood is ecstatic. well, i have gallons of endorphine stocked in my body. pretty enough to make me stay up all night.i might have the strength to run and jump around the room now. sadly, i have no one to entertain the lonely me. this is a sad fact of being the only daughter in the family.gosh, it's not like i'm complaining. it actually nice to be the only daughter.why? because i get the whole bedroom for myself. no one will use my make up, wear my shoes, borrow my cloth without my permission.ha.ha.i can be a little stingy sometimes since mostly all my stuff is bought using my own pocket money.

okay.okayy.back to the point.the next's a quite simple topic but can be hard to elaborate.but i still want to try. so guys. please be ready with the popcorns and and my delusional thinking. i wonder who will read this.haha

and i'm blabbering again without getting start at all. sigh~~ 


"day 02 - the meaning behind your blog name"

first and foremost. i would like to emphasize a point. i am a melancholic type of person. or to be easy. very the 'jiwang karat' ha.ha.thus, it won't be so weird if my blog name sounds so oh-the-melancholic-girly-girl-has-started-it-again.

actually, the current name is the second name for my blog. the first one sound like 'reach the star blablabla'. i don't really remember it.haa..this is why we shouldn't eat too much sour bad again.

the word everlasting based on standard english dictionary is last forever. means something that will be continuing indefinitely and doesn't change. and of course the heart shape represent love.( and here comes the girly girl again.)

so to make it short and simple. here it is.

for the word everlasting. i'm intend to point it on three major thing.

  • myself. i hope i won't change in the future. i like the way i am now. i love the way i love. i like the way i care. i like the way i think. what i mean is i don't welcome any negative changes in my personality and my way of thinking. of course good changes is welcome. but i want to be the same person i am now. being an adult is a little scary for me. sometimes i wish to be like peter pan (unrealistic. i know) because i think most adult seems like they have stop wishing and believing in miracle. they work and work for money and to make a living. i am not saying this is a horrible thing to do because it's actually quite normal. but i hope i can be an adult that sometimes think like a child because in some ways, children's way of thinking is just amazing.

  • the memories.i wish all the wonderful and beautiful memories i had, since i was a children, during my school day, my teenager life, my love life, the amazing friendship i have. all the up and down. i wish to remember it forever. to make it stay in my mind even if i have reach the end of my life. this blog represent the hope and tell how i feel. with all of this at least it would help me recapture every beautiful and interesting moment in my life so that i wont forget who i am. and what my life is all about.

  • the knowledge. i want it to stay in my mind. everything i have learn in school. everything i have experience in life. the things people share with me.stuffs that i read. news that i see. pictures that i like. i don't wan't it to be wiped away when i gets older. i hope it will stick with me like super glue. i want to be someone who has more than empty talk.

last but not least, everlasting ♥ = everlasting love

  • i think this one is quite clear and straight forward. i wish that the people i love will love me back and we will never grow tired of each other. being there for the one i support and help them when they in need. i wish for that kind of long lasting love and bond. human feelings are very exquisite. and we have to handle them with care. to gain one's love is actually a whole lot easier than to keep one.

with all the blablabla above. now you guys no why i named my blog as 'everlasting'. it's because i hate to lose something and i wish to keep everything i have with me forever.


finish with the writing challenge for the second day. can't wait to write the next one. well, i love writing so much. and it's addicting too. and for those who finished reading. thank you very much! if you leave comment i will definitely visit yours soon!


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