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first challenge: day one

well well, i am going to start the challenge i have been talking about in the previous post

the first challenge is about
"Day 01 - A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself"

pictures and facts. 
hurm. something like this is kinda hard though.
but i like !!


first step
" my latest picture"

i guess any would be good. i don't really have the chance to take a nice pictures nowadays.
it's not i don't like taking pictures. well, for me cam whoring is kinda fun!

a little info on the picture.
it was taken on in the third/fourth day of raya (aidilfitri)
the house in the background is my mum's childhood house


next~ 15 interesting fact about myself

  • one habit of mine during lecture is scribbling and doodling. my textbook is my art book. 

  • i am the queen of procrastination. i always delay thing. even stuffs like going to toilet. my bad~

  • i am a cat person. i think cat is the coolest animal in the world apart from tigers and

  • i am addicted to karaoke. it's the best place to replenish my energy and reducing stress!

  • when i laugh. i really laugh. hard and loud. ouhh so not girly. but i don't care! ^^

  • i prefer meat than chicken. i prefer mcd than kfc and i prefer thriller than horror movie. 

  • i hate clown. i despise them ever since i watch the movie 'it' by stephen king when i'm younger.they were once scary.but now, just annoying.

  • my dream house must have a big library. full with collection of novels especially written by julia quinn and sophie kinsella. romantic comedy and historical romance are my favourite.

  • i have never been on a plane. yes. it's sad. and i'm nineteen now. i just hope i don't have to reach until ninety just to board on a plane.

  • i don't know how to swim. i want to try riding and i think bungee jumping is awesome.

  • i am currently learning to play guitar. and been hoping to learn piano in the future.

  • i think hangul (korean) is the most polite language in the world. it's very interesting too.

  • i start to wear spectacles since i was 10. oh my god. i am a dork. but adorkable one ^_~

  • mostly, i dream in my every sleep.night sleep or even during the day nap. and i hate when it was interrupted during the good part. like when the alarm clock rings. or when mum wake me up. errr..

  • i like high heels. i don't really like flat slippers. i like sandals compared to shoes. the more complicated the sandal is, the better. and i like bright coloured one like red,pink, baby blue, yellow etc.

hurm..since i have done this before in my previous post
you can check out this link to know extra thing about me!
since i don't want to repeat the same thing i have said in the previous post
i skipped some important fact too.
so check it out!

 yayy! the first challenge is done.

please anticipate the next one!
yadaa..yadaaaa...can't wait for tomorrow!
i'm really in a frantic mood :)


  1. woahhhh! nak wat library dalam rumah gak. sgt sgt minat membaca owww.
    tunggu hari esok pulakkk.

  2. memang best kalau ada rumah besar and ada library.alamatnya 24/7 melepak kat library la.haha

  3. woahhhh! nak wat library dalam rumah gak. sgt sgt minat membaca owww.
    tunggu hari esok pulakkk.


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