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addiction to novel : do you?

haloo oppas2 (abang-abang) unnies2 (kakak-kakak) and dongsengs (adik-adik)

siapa yang kuat baca novel?angkat kaki!
tak kisah la english or malay, i love reading novels

i prefer reading more than going out window shopping.
 that is how much i love novel.

so hari ini nak list novel-novel english and malay yang jadi my favourite

in author category, i'm in love with julia quin's , ramlee awang murshid's and sophie kinsella's novels
the way the write is super awesome

julia quin's novel is more into romance, like historical romance etc
while ramlee's writing is very imaginative, makes readers becomes very curious how the ending will turn out
sophie's writing is lighter, with funny and witty style of writing

my favourite series from quin's writing is the "The Bridgerton's " although i did read the others
it was the best historical romance novel ever! 
I started to read the series when i was 16, and i finished all of that when i was 19
since my income as a student is not very good
i only bought one of the novel
the other, either it's borrowed from friends, or i download the ebook into my phone
so if you guys see me staring at my phone for a loooong time
don't feel weird, i'm actually reading a book..haha

the bridgerton's series is a compilation of novels, telling how all the bridgerton sibling fall in love
each book focuses on one son or daughter

click to enlarge the bridgerton's family tree

this is the order of the series

Book 1: The Duke and I 

Book 3: An Offer From A Gentleman (i first read)

Book 6: When He Was Wicked 

now, she's writing a 30 pages 2nd epilogue for each of the tittle and it's available in ebook
but i think i will wait for all 8 to be complete and buy the printed version.^^
reading the teaser itself made me excited to read the continuation! the best novel series ever!

and for ramlee's book, the first one i ever read is A.D.A.M
it's a very thrilling reading and i can't wait for the ending

but my favourites are the "Laksamana Sunan's Series"
LOVE it to the core!
Sunan is literally the only novel character i have fall in love with!! 



these are the list of his writing and the one i've read
one thing for sure, once you read it, you won't regret it!

Tombiruo (read)
Semangat Hutan (read)
Tombiruo Terakhir (read)
Ranggau (read)
Mandatori (read)
ADAM (read)
Satu Janji (One Promise) (read)
Bagaikan Puteri (As Princess) (read)
Rahsia Perindu (Lover's Secret) (read)
Hatiku Di Harajuku (My Heart is in Harajuku)
Cinta Sang Ratu (The Queen's Love) (read)
Hijab Sang Pencinta (read)
Ungu Karmila
Cinta Sufi (read)
Anugerah Pertama
Igauan Maut
Pei Pan
Sutera Bidadari (expected to release on April 2011)

and lastly is sophie's writing!
my favourite is of course the "Shopaholic Series"
but for the latest one which is "Mini Shopaholic"
i didn't get the chance to finish it yet since the book is my aunts' and it's at her house

but the other is sure worth to read!

and i especially love the movie version

isla fisher really did a great job portraying rebecca bloomwood character

there are some others of sophie's writing that i've read and like 
(actually i've read all of her writing except for madeleine wickham series)

and i'm targeting her madeleine wickham series later
maybe after the final exam
well, reading novel is the best way to spend your holiday ^^

these three writers are my top favourite
to be truth, i cant list all because i have a bunch of others that i love too!

so how bout yours?
write your review and tell me!
i might end up liking it too


  1. kite pon suke giler novel ramlee awang murshid,
    tak sabar nak berebut bile novel sutera bidadari, hehe =)

  2. bestkan? kalau dah start baca tu, memang tak boleh stop..hehe

  3. babe have you read Judith McNaught's??????????

    i LOVE historical romance!! best eh Julia Quinn? i'll try it..

    PS LOVING the song! secret garden!

  4. bell! judith? suka jugak, especially whitney my love! suka gila..haha

    lol.secret garen. i dah tgk lebih sploh kali.haha, kalah princes hour ^^


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