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memang nak kena bakor!

siapa kat sini student uitm yang sedang stress nak final nihhh?? aku rasa nak tubuhkan kelab anti-uitm!!
stress betul lah, orang tengah tension nak amek paper operating system esok ni tetiba student portal tak boleh bukak. paham tak bahawa notes yang lecturer bagi ni bagaikan bahasa alien yang susah nak di decode??? so i need another notes from another lecturer that mean, I HAVE TO BE ABLE to open the i-learn portal.

seriouslyyyy, are you trying to make fun of me? i'm trying to study here!

i have no idea what abstraction actually mean, and now i'm struggling trying to understand the function of interrupt handler. so can't you be nice to me? for like tonight?? i've keep refreshing the page for a thousand times now. and nothing!!

i might not be able to sleep tonight. and now i'm near to being nuts. no wonder the author of the book have a surname of Nutts, i bet Operating System drives him nuts tooo. I'm sorry Mr.Gary for saying this.

Huhhhh.... memang rasa nak bakor je uitm nihhhh :(


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