April 08, 2011

super junior kyuhyun involved in an accident

i was spending my friday..friday..friday evening laying on the bed after i got back from class
and suddenly i saw a news saying that kyuhyun got into an accident
 oh oh,i thought my heart stopped! i was a little freaked out
but thank god it was nothing.

The news say that the accident occurred in the vicinity of Jeongeup, there was a minor collision with a truck that was changing lanes. It also says he got no more than bruises/contusions, but he's getting properly checked just to be sure that he is fine. Since the injuries aren't big, Kyuhyun seems to not be worried either.

Original Source. various articles
Translated by. @pastakyu SJ-WORLD.NET

hope he is fine. but kyu does tweet something saying that he is sorry. maybe he feels bad for the worrying fans
oh and currently, it's trending #getwellsoonkyu on twitter

get well soon baby kyu! *fan mode*

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